Hi lovely fellow runners :-)

I went out for my long run today which was meant to be 11K. We're visiting my home town so I got my husband to drop me out in the wilds of the New Forest so I could run back to base. It was pouring with rain, but quite warm.

I took a wrong turn on a cycle path and came out in a different place than I was expecting which meant I was a bit further away than expected.

The last 3K were just flowing, previous aches seemed to evaporate and my pace was good so when I got to 11K I decided just one more. I made 12K in 1hr19m. It was a great run and I felt I could have done more but don't want to risk injury.

I just love running longer distances. I find it preferable to shorter, faster runs. I think being in different places has helped, and running from place to place with a destination rather then a route. I'm going to have to be more inventive when I get home!

Have fun running everyone (I feel like a real runner now!!)


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28 Replies

  • Absolutely fantastic stuff... yet another "long runs rule the world" convert too....

    That's a great distance and time and I'm glad you got into that "long run zone" that I have found as my weekend saviour and therapy!

    Well done! With the longer distances you can mix up all kinds of routes and diversions now! No stopping you! Superb!

    Happy resting

  • Thanks aussie :-)

    The world would be a better place if everyone could find their 'running'!

  • Fab stuff I_will ! Very impressive , you are a gazelle , my dear :-) Oh you are doing brilliantly , well done !

    Take a bow , you are amazing :-) xxx

  • Oh thanks Pops :D

    A gazelle is great, I always liked greyhounds .... can I be one of those please?! (I'm very sensitive, with big eyes so I do qualify)

  • Yep of course , you can anything you like after that magnificent run Missus ! :-) xxx

  • Fantastic, just fantastic m'dear. You're definitely sounding like a distance runner these days. Good for you 12 k in 79 minutes -brilliant :)

  • Oh ho! 79 mins is right isn't it? Heh, thanks for that! *big cheesy grin*

  • Awesome running. Not letting myself think of anything beyond 5k until the next couple of weeks in case anyone tells my feet and they resign in protest.

    Well done, fantastic time.

  • Thank you! I only started C25K at the beginning of April. You'll be amazed at what you can do! :D

  • Wow great time! :) the New Forest is lovely, 12k is excellent! :)

  • Thanks, feeling very chuffed! :-)

  • Great job I_will! I remember when you started! Simply awesome!

  • Amazing how much progress we can make! Thank you Burgdude :-)

  • Thank you kittykat :-)

    It amazes me to think that those fast runners can run a 10k faster than I can probably do it on my bike!! Gives us something to aim for if we want to go all-out I suppose, but I'm happy with my comfy pace :-)

  • Well done I-Will. That sounds like an idyllic run in a lovely part of the world. A nice spot of scenery does help the miles fly by doesn't it. Great stuff!!!

  • Yes, great to run in old haunts ..... and I managed to run right past the pub without a detour!!

  • Yay, this is great to read, I Will! :-) Congratulations on your super, even if a little unexpected, long run! :-) I do agree with you, longer runs are much better than shorter, faster runs. I can't get into the shorter runs at all; at least with the longer runs you can settle into it and enjoy it a bit more. Distance running rules supreme! :D

    How are you feeling now? No aches or anything I hope?

    Well done! :-)

  • Thank you :-)

    No, I had lovely glowy legs for the evening and no soreness today I'm pleased to say. I took the dog walking today and my legs moaned a bit up the hills but they're fine :-)

  • Am feeling distinctly jealous now as 12k on my "normal" run would mean going round and round the same bit 4 times! :( Not to mention being temporarily on the injury bench. :( Or the fact that it probably won't rain here until some time in October. :(

    Sulking over. I'm really impressed, it sounds like a great run and a very good idea for someone to drop you off so you can run back :)

    One day soon I'll be back on the sea front on a Saturday morning and I'll be able to do a "there-and-back" route of any distance up to about 15km (ha ha not likely to get that far anytime soon). :) :)

    Have fun finding more routes for your long runs once you get back home!

  • Sorry to hear you're on the injury couch ... how irritating for you :(

    I hope you make a speedy recovery so you can get back out running happy longer distances again :-)

  • Well done you... really fab running and time too... only a few weeks ago you were doubting you would ever crack the 10k so to breeze 12... what can I say :)))) x

  • Hehe!! Thanks :-)

    I just needed to get over a brief psychological block I think!

    Happy days!

  • This sounds like a fantastic run I_will, I'm very jealous.I could do with running in different surroundings and would love to go to the forest or by the sea...must get my act together :)

    12 K is fantastic though, onwards and upwards :)

  • Cheers!

    Make it happen! You'll love it :-)

  • Well done! I would love to cover 10km in that time never mind12km! I think you were right not to push much further and risk injury :)

    You have come so far and doing brilliant :) the New Forest is such a love part of the country.

    Happy running :)

  • Thank you. I love the New Forest. It's nice to be running on old territory.

    Thanks for the encouragement :-)

  • Sounds like a great run and well done on the distance covered.

  • Thanks Paul

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