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W5 R3 Attempted twice


I have attempted this run twice and seem to fail at 10 minutes. Should I start week 5 again from the beginning or keep trying to master the 20 minutes?

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I've just joined this forum because I find myself in exactly the same situation and I really want to keep going with the programme! My plan is to try again tomorrow, and hope for the best. And keep repeating until I get there. Not sure I'm qualified to advise you at all, but you're not alone in tripping up here, and we're doing great having got this far anyway! :)

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to emsymm

You've got this. You'll smash that run tomorrow.

emsymm in reply to runswithdogs

I did the run again and I smashed it! I found a new route that I knew would be flat, and I just would not let myself stop. Rachel, you can do it!

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to emsymm

Hooray!! Feels great doesn't it?

Seems you are suffering from a mental block here try breaking it into manageable segments and say to yourself when you finish one just a little further or try and find a marker to run to and run to the next one but don't start week 5 from the beginning good luck with your next attempt


Hi Rachel

When you write you seem to fail at 10 minutes, do you mean that you stop ?

If so, is there a physical reason ? Are you in any pain at all ? xxx

Not in pain but just seem to go on. I wondered if I am running too fast. I am not going to give up but just wondered if I should start the week again or keep trying to master the 20 minute run?

poppypugGraduate in reply to rachelbaker66

I think its your head playing mind games Rachel. Maybe try a different route so you don't get to that place where you think " Oh I normally stop here "

You are maybe running too fast, it is just a gentle jog. Break it down into smaller chunks in your head , instead of thinking Ive 10 minutes to go, think five minutes , and then when that is reached, think another five.

You can do this , you just need to believe it . You are ready, if you have completed runs 1 and 2 , you don't have to repeat them .

Dig deep, you have got it in you to do this, you've come this far ,you can do it ! :-) xxx


My week 5 run 3 was 3rd time lucky! Except it wasn't luck. Like you I came here for advice and that's what got me through it. Even the third time, if I'm honest, I expected to fail. But I had been going too fast from the outset and just simply running out of steam and my legs killed me. On the third try, I started so, so slowly, you could probably barely see me moving! I was so intent on keeping it slow and making sure that I was running 'little steps' and keeping my feet under my hips that before I knew it, 8 minutes was over (I used the run 2 podcast). I then kept going through the 5 minute walking bit at which point I knew there was only 8 minutes left. I hadn't run myself to empty and even though I was shattered I knew then that I could finish it. It is definitely as much in your mind as the physical bit.

Do whatever seems best for you but start as ridiculously slowly as you can, you can always increase your speed. Tell yourself you're allowed to slow to a crawl but not stop. Good luck. It IS doable. Honestly! :)


I wouldn't start week 5 again, you have nailed 1 and 2 already. Maybe have a rest. Choose a good, flat location and have a good warm up too, start breathing well to get the oxygen flowing. When I am struggling, reducing speed allows runs to be more achievable and enjoyable. Relaxing my legs while running also helps me


I had to redo that run myself. Just go out at a glacial pace. Very, very slow at the start. Try a very flat route, sometimes a new one is good to distract you from that place that you always stop. You won't have any visual stopping clues. And when the going gets tough at the 10 minute mark, slow down even more and try repeating a positive mantra in your head. Something like ' I think I can, I think I can' or 'slow is smooth and smooth is fast'. You've got the physical skills to complete this run, you just need your head to catch up. Let us know how you do.


I remember that run too, it's a real challenge isn't it? As RWD says slow down, then slow down some more. That mantra is brilliant too, isn't that Thomas the Tank engine? I'd change it a little to "I know I can" And just think how you're going to feel when you've cracked it. xx

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

You're right. I know I can is better.

Thanks everyone for all your advice. Please to announce I did it! I really slowed down and paced myself and to be honest it was fine. I think that the shorter runs you can run faster but the longer runs need to be taken a bit slower to start with. Couldn't have done it with out you....

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