Being sensible, over cautious.. or do I just go for it?

So I was on the IC for two weeks with the knee.. was very patient..was good and kept up all other excercise..and advice.. I finally got out yesterday and managed quite well to carry on from Where I left off (w8r2)   completed the run yes slower but that was deliberate.. and was really glad I did..

Now my knee has been rested and iced after and only the slightest niggle today.. 

My sensible head says take another day or two so as to make sure.. but I'm sooo close to graduation glory I just can't make my mind up what to do!!! 

I know now two more days I will still manage the half hour run.. but if I try tomorrow am I risking another big set back? I just want to carry on.. and build up my pace a bit? Any help advice..or am I going to have to begrown up and decide for myself. )p



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20 Replies

  • Sparky - said in your mother's voice - you KNOW the answer really! What happens if that "slightest niggle" becomes something worse? How many days will you lose then? 

    But it's very tempting, isn't it?😈

  • Lol you sound just like her :) 

     I know... but... lol

  • Any doubts..WALK is there..another day..You know the answer! 😏

  • Gahhh don't do it! I left 10 days for my ankle and had the best run I've had after that long break. Don't think of this as only a programme though, yes you graduate but this whole running thing will continue past that. Don't balls it up so you graduate but then can't run for 6 weeks afterwards!

  • Grrr off course you are all so sensibly I knew really.. well ok then I will go sulk for another few hard on everything else.. tut.. offft.. huff, ! 

    Ok Friday it is then.. love you all really! Thanks..    

    Still it was amazing to run yesterday.. another few days and will make you all proud xxx

  • I think that if you really, really, really cannot wait a couple more days, you might give it a go... but only if you are willing to stop at the first warning sign from your knee, no matter how far or how close you are to the end of the run.

  • Ahh Secan ..a wee pixie in the mix :)

  • ... but I decline any responsibility 😝

  • If you only had the slightest niggle yesterday after running, see how it feels tomorrow. If the niggle is not making its presence felt, go and do your warmup. If it's still feeling okay, go! Run! Run headlong to your date with destiny! Run and run and run some more till you reach that magical mythical 30 minute mark!

    Take no notice of these over-cautious pantywaists! If there is nothing wrong with your knee after running yesterday, there will not be twice as much nothing wrong if you wait another day.

    If it hurts, don't.

  • No, no, no! Resist the Secan-pixie temptation!! I've nearly eloped to Maidenhead for his parkrun ;) Take a few more days. Really proud of you already, as already said graduation is just the start really, you want to be able to carry this on for the long-term. Rest a while then bag the next run :)

  • Lol the battles we fight.. I shall sleep on it..and be hosest with how I feel in the morning..  night night and thanks again you are all amazing.. Mwhhaaa

  • Interesting, women say don't. Men say go for it. I ended up with what I think are shin splints after a fantastic run, where I had no problems. They turned up 24 hours later (which is apparently typical!). So, no pain during a run can still mean you're overdoing it. 

    How do you feel today?

  • I'm just awake..cuppa time..brain not awake.. but first moves tell me there is still some strain on the knee.. So I will err on the side of caution/ woman... and rest it a couple more days :( x. Better safe than sorry.. let's face it.. I know I will be able to do this.. just have to be patient.

    Thanks all xxx

  • I think going back to w8r2 sfter injury wasn't wise. Build up to it more gradually.

  • Take the rest days , no sense in risking it, i know it is harder to rest and the draw to graduate to strong. 

    Another day or so really will not hurt 😊

  • Hope you're ok? I think I might be a pixie (or, possibly a bloke) as I think I'd have gone for it, you know yourself best though and it's sensible to listen to your body (except when it's saying "more vodka" obvs ;o) xx

  • Pmsl may know me to well!! 

  • Hey you, how are you getting on? xx

  • Hiya Pam.. not great..knee still painful a whole month on :(  but been for an xray and should have results by Thursday.. I'm not a happy bunny on the IC.. trying to stay positive and do all I can to aid healing.. just so gutted.. but hey I'm sure soon will be back out.. not really been on the forum so much as I'm feeling a bit deflated.. sad to see your knee causing you bother also.. do you know how long you have to be out? I so miss the fitness buzz and the banter we all had.. I should make more of an effort :) 

     Thanks for asking ..means a lot x hope you getting there x

  • Oh no, that's pants (as my daughter would say, I'm trying to "get down with the kids")!

    Knee's do seem to be a problem, I know Butch is back on the I/c with his knee. I took 6 days off after the Zumba incident and it seems to be holding up, but it makes a godawful noise when I crouch down and I'm fed up with saying "ooh, my knees" like a 90 year old!

    If you're missing being on the forum just post running snippets, photos, any old shit really, I'll always reply :o)

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