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Just started week 3... And with shin pain

Hello, was so chuffed I'd ticked off the first two weeks without any major issues, aside from cow dodging (both herds and lone rogue ones lurking) but was slightly nervous at the increase in running duration. Consequently I slowed it down this morning even more to what could probably be classed as a tickle of a jog but soon started with what felt like the front outside muscle of my shins going into spasm!! :o It wore off during the walking sections, I'm not sure if it was the different running style, the fact it was pretty chilly and I'm still wearing cropped joggers so my lower legs were cold despite the warm up walk, or it's the start of dreaded shin splints :(

So question is should I take more than one rest day or just go for it as usual? I'm trying to stick to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm guessing some strengthening exercises will help here, can anyone suggest any good sites as its a bit bewildering in the amount out there!!

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"A tickle of a jog". Haha love it 😃 Maybe extend your warm up walk. In cold weather I do at least ten minutes warm up. And make sure you stretch after every run

Also, try these for shins

Do you have proper running shoes?

Try an extra rest day and see how the shins feel but I wouldn't run on them if there is still pain.


Thanks for the advice 🙂 I'll add a longer warm up walk now it's cooler and the extra exercises. I got a straightforward pair of running trainers to get me going off the sofa 😉 I do underpronate (the one where you're on the outer edge of your foot), as I've got to head up to London in a few weeks and there's a Runners Need nearby I may brave it in there!!...


Take her majesty's advice.. she knows... :) Plus, we may end up in the The Tower... if we don't :) ( Sorry Irishprincess x)

You did well.. cow dodging is not fun...hope it sorts...and maybe longer running trousers now,,I have broken out the Autumn wear :)

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Thanks, I'm on it 😉 Think I may have to brave cracking out my leggings (previously only ever seen in the house and covered with a frock!) might add some 80s leg warmers for a stylish touch! 😉


Go for it..Confidence is the best outfit to wear..own it and rock it..🙂


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