W10 R1, the journey continues

So I wake in my hotel room in Limerick, the gym opens at 7 am and I'm one of 2 queing up to get in, I sign in and head to the treadmill in the corner, I then realised I'd forgotten my water bottle but hay ho.

I set off on my warm up walk using W9's podcast just so I have the structure, etc, the warm up walk finishes and I'm off, the treadmill is in MPH again so I set it on a comfortable speed, higher than normal but comfortable.

20 minutes in I did slow a little but then at the 5 minute mark I picked it back up again, total distance 2.6 miles, Wednesday will be a normal speed run and when I'm home this weekend I'll give the outdoors another go I think.

Another 30 minute run under my belt, distance increased slightly, more work to do.

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5 Replies

  • Nicely done Lee in Limerick... whoever knew people actually wanted to queue at 7am to get in a gym? not me.... :)

  • Lol, the sooner I transition to outdoor running the better (but Limerick was dull and wet this morning).

  • Well done LeeU ...what app are you using??

  • I'm just using the podcasts from here: nhs.uk/LiveWell/c25k/Pages/...

    Next week I'll use possibly W1's pod cast for the interval run, just time myself with my own playlists for the shorter/faster run and for the longer 'stamina' run.

  • Missed this..how? Go you...!

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