Definitely not a morning runner😰

so disappointed ! Decided to run this morning as going away for the weekend & not sure of routes so off I went ready to fight the "I'm not a morning person" gremlins BUT they beat me in a way!!!! Was a lot slower( didn't think that possible) only 1.57mls in 25mins & last run 1.84mins in 25mins. Really hard going last 5 mins! Never mind at least I did it!!!! Week7 run 3 Monday NIGHT😂😂 good run to everyone over the weekend!!!


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  • Ah don't be disappointed. That's another 1.57 miles those legs have done - it's all improving your stamina every time. You ran for 25 minutes...again! One more and you'll be in the week leading up to graduation. Really, don't worry at all about your distance, just get each run under your belt, slow but sure. And well done on braving the morning! :)

  • Ah thanks very true at least still ran!! Rest till Monday & def night!! Think i get too hung up on speed!! But must remind myself i started as a "couch potato " 😂😀😂x

  • Any run.. and all that :) Well done !

  • Well done! at least your doing it. Some runs feel naff, but can surprisingly turn out good when you think about it.. I'm not a morning person either now(never used to have a problem with mornings until recent years and depression set in)and don't get out to run much before midday. But do find the running helps with mental attitude..😊

  • ....but you did it.... we all have our peak times and I find evening running impossible, I'm about 50 times slower and it's always hard. So well done for doing it, and enjoy your weekend away :)

  • Well done for doing it! I also find first thing in the morning runs hard work - as if my body needs time to wake up. I usually run after work so 6 pm. Ish but earlier at weekends.

  • I'm the same come home from work & change & go out straight away before the couch calls out😀😀 def leaving out the morning runs 😂😂 x Phyllis

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