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Week 5 run 1. Changing the game play

Week 5 run 1 competed. Nights are drawing in but the 15 minutes of running was surprisingly ok. Aching this morning but not too bad...Slightly worried about run 2 and run 3....I like the comfort of knowing I am improving the same run 2 more times....I say improving. Really it is just shuffling a few more times pretending I am really enjoying the experience! I know I am getting fitter. I know I am capable of running more. Lets face it, a the beginning the thought of running 5 seconds, let alone 5 minutes filled me with dread. So Thursday here I come into the unknown. Embrace the jog.

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Well done. I've found that I cannot give up the running now because of the great benefits of health and well being I get.

I have probably repeated this before. Sorry if I have already said this in a post to you but I also thought couldn't run for 5 minutes now am running approaching 6K for 35 minutes plus.

I ran 5k on Sunday (moving house soon has upset my routine a bit) instead of my nearly 6k and my legs hardly ached and felt like I hadn't had a run. At first felt a bit disappointed but then thought to myself how far I had come and that 5K now felt "like a walk in the park".

Now I relish the challenge of getting to 6K perhaps even further but slowly !!

But I know I have reached a healthy weight and fitness that I am happy with and that I do not need to run more than 5K but I do like a challenge !

look forward to hearing about your progress.

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