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Week 5 - Run 1 and beyond!


Morning runners!

Completed Week 5 Run 1 last night, and noticed i was up to 4.3km at the end of the running section, so took a couple of minute walk, and carried on the 5km, in a time of 37.54 - happy days!

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Brilliant it's very satisfying to get close to the 5k. Especially at this stage you must be very proud. Well done

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Yes - really happy thank you! Its my second time doing C25K, so i know i wont do to much damage to myself by pushing on to 5k, but was suprised the time was quite reasonable (for me!).

Thank you

Well done to you. I am on week 7 and nowhere near that time.

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It may well have been one lucky run, it all seemed to click yesterday, we will see what tomorrow brings before i get too excited! :o)

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Me too. I don't have a fancy gadget but did a map my run after the last run and did 2.6k in 25mins, and that is an improvement, I have only just got faster on land than in water!

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Well done Nikki - weirdly im really looking forward to tonights longer 8 minute runs!!! I think im starting to enjoy this!

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Its not weird it is accomplishment :)

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Its weird for me...i dont normally enjoy exercise :-)

Well done Scott😊... exciting knowing you can do that....

Wait to see what Oldfloss and Iannodatruffe advise, my first worry is that you may start to try to compete with yourself to get that time quicker and carry on doing 5k every run, rather than sticking to the run times on the c25k plan. You may pick up an injury if you go down this route (others have before 😯).

Well done..not raining on your parade..and great for a few weeks time, but I would think it best to concentrate on stamina and strength rather than distance and speed.😊x

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Hi Jan - thank you, im honestly not to worried about time, and happy for this to come down in time, but at the moment im solely concentrating on finishing the programme. In my head, i thought another 700mtrs wouldnt be too bad, so slowed down and carried on.

Im sure i wont do this on every run, but if i am close enough to 5km, i might try and jog it out.

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Sorry, we overlapped..

Looks like you will be a strong, fast runner by the end of the plan...😊x

Oops see you are returning after getting to Week 7/9 before. You should be fine, but maybe not the route most people on week 5 should take😉..

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