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Moving on up

Thanks everyone for the encouragement about restarting the programme after my burn. I have done one run each from weeks 1, 2, and 3 and have decided to do a couple more week 3s before moving onto week 4. I am fighting a pair of blue tooth headphones that don't want to play with me but hope to be able to listen to Laura today. I am charging them as I type and they will not beat me this morning. Just waiting for it to be light enough for me to feel comfortable on the towpath and I will be doing W3R2.

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Take it steady and enjoy the run... I am about to head out too, into this beautiful morning :)

If Laura does not come through... just try to get the pattern from the early weeks in your head... either that or sing to yourself as you go... great fun... :)


Done - and the head phones did not beat me either!


Well done xx

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So sorry to hear of your accident! Crikey, what an awful thing to happen 😯

You're back now though ☺ So pleased you are back on the programme and can get back to running

Have fun 😊


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