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Moving on!

My daughter was a couple of runs behind me and so I did some of the 5k+ podcasts. Now she has graduated too we've started Bt010K. Today we did week1 run2. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but one of my knees has been playing up since starting B210k. Anyway I've managed to complete the first two runs and am doing RICE and taking Ibuprofen for the knee. I so hope that it works.

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Welcome aboard. Keep an eye on that knee though and don't overdo it. It's not worth missing a month for the sake of keeping up with the programme. Good luck.


Thank you Janda. Yes I love my running. I only started a few short weeks ago with couch to 5K and it would be fair to say that I am addicted. I would be annoyed if I was so injured that I couldn't run at all. I'm don't intend running if my knee is still aching and if necessary I'll cut back on the programme until my strength has built up a bit.


Good look with B210K, but look after yourself, I found the distance increase too much for me and got injured so I decided to go more slowly to build up by no more than 10% a week, I also mixed up the three runs I did per week and I'm now happily building distance and all my niggles have gone.

Take care and enjoy your runs


Thank you for your advice Phil. I get what you're saying. I think you're 100% correct. My knee is feeling better with the RICE but I can't keep on doing it. When I started couch to 5K I had to so RICE after every run and then it cleared up.

I'll see how I get on this week and then re-evaluate. I would like to build up to running 10k one day but I'm in no hurry.


How lovely, mother and daughter running :) It's great to have a new goal but don't overstretch yourself. I took Phil's advice when I started this and am doing one that is over 9 weeks rather than 6. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing about your progress. Sue


Thank you Sue. Yes it is nice to run with my daughter. Some of her friends run but none of them run with their mum. The only thing is she's 21. Having said that she's had some aches and pains too.

A nine week programme could be the answer - thanks.


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