How 'easy' should it be before moving on?

Hi all

Very overweight, unfit but determined newbie convert here! Love the community and all your advice which helps to keep me motivated.

I am currently on W2 and have had to really push myself to get through each run. I don't mind having to push and I don't mind ending up puffing, red faced and sweaty as I realise this is a big lifestyle change and it can't happen without side effects but I am unsure of how 'comfortable' I should be before moving on to the next challenge / week. Is it enough that I have done a week irrespective of how much puffing it's taken and move on to the next week, or should I be comfortably achieving it before attempting more? I don't want to put myself off by overdoing it but then again I don't want to lose heart because I'm not progressing very well

I hope you don't think this is a silly question but it's difficult to 'read' your body when you're in such new territory!

Thanks everyone 😊


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  • I'm sure you will get some sound advice on this forum , but the c25k is your choice to do what's comfortable for you we will all say slow and steady d so if you want to repeat a run then do after all there is no rush you are doing something fantastic . And it's a learning curve for your body , I found week 1 hard , that only a minute !! Scared me something awful but like you I did it . I ended up red faced sweaty . But I did it , well done ! you did it too , ask away on this site no question is considered silly, there are so many people to offer help . I'm still very much the newbie . But I do remember my first week .

    Look forward to hearing more posts from you .

    Well done for starting c25k

  • Thank you for the advice

  • I would say that if you are managing the runs you should probably move on. I warn you that it never feels 'comfortable' as you are asking your body for more effort each week - but of course you are also building strength and stamina to keep pace with the new demands.

    That said, the programme is yours to support you as you like and there is no harm at all in repeating runs or whole weeks if that is what you prefer.

    Your body can do things you wouldn't believe it capable of.

    Good luck!

  • I felt so much better when you said it never feels comfortable! Logic says it will be a challenge and I must learn to gently push myself I suppose. Thanks for replying

  • I'm with Ullyrunner.. I was so unfit.. never ran since school.. not very overweight, but an ex smoker of 30 years.. that first run was the toughest ever.. most since and still now are tough and such determination needed for EVERY run.. but when it's done.. yove done it.. achieved something youve never achieved.. feels just amazing.. follow the program unless in proper pain.. and you can do it!! Good luck.. be strong x

  • That's so helpful thank you. I am used to knowing exactly what to do in most areas of my life but this is a new one! In my healthy younger years I exercised as part of a game (ie. Tennis) so this is the first time I have to do something hard for health reasons. Don't know if that makes sense but this programme feels so different than the days of sports competitions. Guess it's a mind set thing πŸ€”

  • Well done for starting. When I started the programme & came on the forum I read about running being about mental strength and I wondered what they meant. I know now :-D

  • Hopefully the mind will be more able than the body is at the moment!!

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Ha I haven't found any runs 'easy' some are hard and some are really really hard! Just try to stick with it but go at your own pace :) :)

  • Love your honesty! encouragement for me to approach each challenge with confidence. Thanks for replying

  • I think you should move on. I dreaded that but found that the programme is so good that you really can do the next stage. If the run does not go so well treat it as practice and you will achieve it the next time. Laura gets us through and this forum is so helpful. I find it inspiring. I had never run before and have only 1 run before I graduate. So go for it!

  • Thanks for replying. I too dread my next week but I also get excited at the new challenge! Love the idea of calling a 'bad' run a practice 😊

  • I'm still new to this, so not sure I should be giving advise, I'm currently slogging my way through week 6. However what I've found useful is to keep a c25k diary, after each run I write down how I felt, good and bad, and any thoughts or fears on what's coming down the tracks, after a couple of weeks when you look back and read how you struggled to run for 90 seconds and are now struggling with 8 minutes, you'll realise what fantastic progress you've made.

  • That's such a good idea thank you.

  • The great professional cyclist Greg Lemond said 'It never gets easy you just go faster' - C25k is a bit like that.

    The programme is very well designed for those of us who need help getting back to fitness so it is progressively but gently challenging. I found the 1 minute runs surprisingly difficult . Comments by posters on here gave me a lot of confidence so I followed programme to letter, didn't chase speed and it just worked.

    W5R3 is a massive eye opener and I never looked back after that.

  • I love quotes and next time I'm struggling will remember Greg Lemonds words. Thanks for that.

    I knew I was unfit and older but wasn't prepared for the difficulty in 'running' for 60 seconds Naive of me πŸ™„

    I love this community for giving such sound advice and comforting support.

  • I completed each of the week 1 and 2 runs 5 times before moving on. Once I reached week 3 I never really looked back other than in amazement at my achievement but I did learn to listen to my body more and I slowed down whenever I needed to. For me breathlessness wasn't a problem it was my muscles but we are all different. You will be amazing whatever you do. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thanks oldpossum. Inspirational comments! I'll have a spring in my step tonight (unless the body gives me the signal to not spring so much πŸ˜„)

  • Those first 60 second runs were a real challenge to me! Strangely, I found week 2 just as tiring but less exhausting if you know what I mean. Being told to 'slow down' when I thought I couldn't possibly go any slower was really my light bulb moment. Knowing I could slow to a crawl if absolutely necessary took me forward. I never believed for one minute that I could complete the programme, even though everyone told me I could. Slow but sure and you'll get there :)

  • Thank you for such encouraging comments. It means so much more when the advice giver is speaking from personal experience

  • Good luck with your next run claret989.😊

    Agree with what everyone has said, take it slow and steady and you will be fine. Don't forget to do some gentle leg stretches afterwards while your muscles are still warm and to keep hydrated too!

  • Thanks Jan-now-runs. Just back from my W2R2 and feel so pleased that it was 'easier' than the last time!

    Don't underestimate how helpful all of you are with your support - it got me round tonight thinking of your wise words 😊

  • Well done..😊 Its such a confidence boost when you complete a run.

    No pressure though, take your time and work through the plan one run at a time.😊

    Thats Wk2 R2 in the bag.


  • I would say if you have completed the week move on. Ullyrunner is right. It never really feels comfortable. But it does feel amazing to work through each week and progress πŸ˜€ . Red faced , heavy breathing and sweaty is the norm for lots of us so as long as you don't feel any pain and you have completed each run, move on. Good luck πŸ˜€

  • Thanks for replying. It helps to know it's the same (or similar) for everyone!

  • Thats whats great about the forum - we all help each other along :-) good times and bad

  • Well done..another run made it.. keep up posting and look forward to seeing your progress ;)

  • Thanks! You're all so good at this support thing 😊

  • Great Claret989 ,Well done for completing W2R2 !

    Just keep doing what you've been doing , slow and steady. If you've completed a run, yes its definitely time to move onto the next one, as each run of each week lays the foundations for the next one .

    You will find yourself getting more able to cope with the physical and mental challenges as you progress, the runs wont give you anything that you cant handle or are not ready for.

    Dig deep , and believe in yourself. You can do this, yes you really can !

    Good Luck and please keep posting so we can cheer you along your way.

    Well done for today xxx

  • Thanks for the lovely message. I feel so positive and inspired, but know that if I hit hard times you lovely people will lift me

  • Well done for getting through the first week! As long as you complete each run you will be ready for the next one. It won't always feel like it but the programme will have prepared you! It will get easier in the sense that your body will know what to expect and you will be more aware of your body and its responses. You still have to work each week and push through towards the end of runs but the feeling is worth it - especially when you are running for 30 minutes (yes, you will!) and you look back and remember struggling to run for 90 seconds. :)

  • Your comments are so positive about trusting the programme and fills me with confidence.

    You're all so great on here!

  • I puffed every run. If you complete, you can move on. Of course, you are welcome to redo runs as well, it's your journey. But don't be put off trying the next run just because the last one was hard. Happy running.

  • Thanks for your comments. I feel so much better knowing that things were the same for you all as they are for me. You have got there (or nearly got there) and I now know I can too.

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