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How did I manage that

Well after all my worry about wk5 run3 I've been out tonight and run (very slowly) for just over 25 minutes. Set off & walked for 5 minutes then set off running, Laura did me proud and Got me through the full 20 minutes but realised I'd run further one way so thought I'd carry on a bit or I'd be walking for ages at the other end. next thing I know Laura's telling me that's the end of my cool down walk!

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Well done!!! I'm starting week 5 tomorrow so that'll be me on Saturday!!!


Well done.

I'm due to do W5 R3 on Wednesday. It seems such a leap from R2 doing 8 minute which I did today. Although after the first 8 minute run I could have carried on running.

It's amazing how your stamina increases over the weeks.

So it's on to week 6 for you 👍

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Well done you😊👍😀


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