Wk7R3 in the bag- how did I pull THAT off?!

It was only a while ago I was posting about hitting the wall in week 6. All the joy I'd felt from running for 20 mins in week 5 had been replaced by a real struggle to even run for 8 minutes.

I went into week 7 thinking " I'll just do my best- if I have to do it again, so be it." And I have managed to complete the whole week- am feeling so chuffed with myself!

Had to chuckle to myself tonight... me, a vision in barbie pink ( pink is really not my colour either) and lycra, thrashing through puddles, doing my odd kind of limp/ dance/run thing in the torrential rain with a grin on my face like I was actually enjoying it (I was!) .... even dog walkers that know me from dog walking in all conditions were looking at me like I'd really lost it big style! Then I wonder why my 'signature' running song is 'Bonkers!

But, they can think what they like.....tonight I ran my fastest mile ( I know it isn't fast by many people's standards but 10.30 is amazeballs (!) for me) and ran the furthest I ever have without stopping- just short of 2 1/2 miles. I lost count of how many times I ran around the local park and to think just 6 weeks ago, just a quarter circuit of it seemed completely unachievable. It is such fabulous feeling seeing that improvement in myself- it feels amazing :D

Best wishes to all, Beth x


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17 Replies

  • Well done Beth ! Sounds like you had a fab run, I can feel the excitement and happiness radiating from your post :-D

    Enjoying it is really half of the battle done isn't it ?

    Keep smiling, youre doing brilliantly , Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug:) I think I may be a experiencing a mini 'runner's high!' It feels great:D

  • Wow well done you :)

  • Thankyou Ejbirdy:)

  • Yeah. Well done. I'm 2 runs behind you, posts like this help keep my motivation up. Sounds like you had fun

  • It was fun and I am just like you- it is other posts on here that keep me motivated. It is nice that I can 'give a little back' after everyone else has motivated me x

  • well done - just the right attitude to give it a go - graduation is around the corner!

  • Thankyou helenbones.... I didn't think i was going to managw it at week 5/6 but can see the end in sight now :)

  • Great news, that W6 is a b....r and glad you have got over it and can see the finish line. Keep at it.

  • Week 6 has me a in a real state! But onwards and upwards- if I can get through it, any one can :)

  • WEll done Beth. Your positivity will take you far!

    Take care though! Don't get over-enthusiastic running wise at this stage. Keep to the slow jog and you will arrive at the finish line in one piece. It's so easy to get carried away with your new running prowess and crock an ankle or knee. So reign it in til you've crossed that finish line. We don't want anything to stop you between now and run 3 week 9

    The runs go by so much quicker if you're happy and contented don't they, and with a smile on your face, even quicker

  • Good point misswobble:) I also need to watch my music choice as soome if it has me me wanting to almost sprint which is no good as I end up feeling exhausted! I went over on a pebble last week and my ankle was sore and it definitely made me realise how I really want to avoid injury at all costs. I have a new watch now and think it is time to use the 'virtual pacer' set to 12 minutes to slow me down and get me through it safely:)

  • This is so inspirational for those of us behind you, thanks for keeping us updated. Looking forward to hearing how your W8 goes ;-)

  • Thank you so much Bindii:) You will be there soon - I know it has been said before by many but if I can do it, anyone can do it. Keep positive, keep pride in every acheivement and keep going x

  • Loose pebbles and shingle can really make you slip. Our trail has been repaired in places where it's been washed away and they've used huge size limestone chunks. It's horrible!!! You slide all over the place on it and it's like treading on Lego or sticklebricks. Aaaaaaghhhh

    This is even wearing proper trail shoes too. Tut

  • Well done Beth!!!!! I'm one run behind you (or two as my 1st and 2nd runs were punctuated by a 3 week gap - will see how my run 3 goes and decide then whether to do another 25 minute run or to move on to week 8) and you've certainly inspired me to keep going!

    Looking forward to reading about your success in week 8! :)

  • Woo hoo - I love reading posts like this - makes me glad I'm not the only new runner out there totally tripping on the adrenalin :-)

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