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Running has been on hold ;(

Since graduation I got the one run in and then things just kinda fell apart around here. I started to come down with a cold. All week i have been coughing, stuffy/runny nose and just feeling terrible. If that wasn't bad enough our town was hit with record amounts of rain in a very short period of time causing wide spread flooding. I've never seen anything like it. Fortunately my home was spared but so many around me have lost everything in the lower parts of their homes. My mother's basement got flooded so I went over and helped her as much as I could. Mopping the basement, moving stuff, throwing away stuff. It's was really sad. I could see how this has weighed on her. At her age she shouldn't have to be dealing with all of this. The rain has been off and on for days, very little sun. I spent the better part of yesterday on the couch just trying to feel better. I haven't been able to just rest due to everything going on. Today when I woke my nose seems a bit less stuffed(but i'm still coughing a lot) ,I'm hoping this cold is on it's way out. I think about getting back to my running and worry I have lost progress. I hope when i resume I'm not struggling more than usual. I hope everyone is doing well and getting successful runs in. It's funny how much I have thought about my 'runs' this past week. As much as i don't want to admit I'm hooked on running..i may just I've missed the quiet calm of my early morning runs, the feelings of accomplishment. This week they are calling for less rain and milder temperatures so if i can kick this cold i'm hoping to get out there again. My old bones are getting rusty without the daily exercise they have started to get accustomed to.

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Sorry to hear about the flood at your mum's :-( it must be horrible for her. Hopefully her insurance will pay out for any damage.

Don't worry about your fitness, you should be fine when you start again. And yes, isn't it a strange feeling going from never running to missing it!?


Thanks Simmypie xo The insurance companies are a joke. Most people have $1,000+ deductibles(my moms is$ 2,500) and then the insurance is giving people max $5,000. It doesn't even cover a fraction of what it will take to replace and repair. Thankfully my mom's basement was unfinished and she had been cleaning it out in preparation to move in the future. Very little was ruined. She had a lot of plastic chairs, pool stuff down there so the value was very little. Her furnace and water heater were ok too. It's just the nuisance of clean up. She will have to repaint the floor, replace insulation but again that's nothing compared to others. Driving through town is very sad. To see peoples entire basement belonging at the road is heartbreaking. I am counting my blessings.


Ohh your poor mum, and all the other people affected, that is awful. Hope your cold is better soon ☔️

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Thanks ;)


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