Couch to 5K

Wk 6 run 2 I'm having to hold myself back! lol

Well it just gets better and better. Laura said I could try going a little faster today, so I thought why not, let's give it a go. It felt good to push myself on my newly muscled legs (I can but dream) I have no idea what my pace is, but I was definitely faster. My lungs must be getting fitter too as I'm barely out of breath these days. When I started couch 25k I thought it would be my lungs that would let me down. Not that I have a problem with them, but I just had this vision of me huffing and puffing along the lanes.

I really noticed how much warmer it was this morning too, so maybe I need to try and get out a bit earlier. Time to ditch the body warmer I think.

Anyway, I could have quite happily carried on running after the second 10 minute run, which bodes well for the (gulp) 24 minute run the day after tomorrow.

How are the other week 6 folks going?

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Hi Rupertlebear, I wondered how you were getting on and am glad to see you are doing so well.

I did run 1 òf week 6 this morning and found it harder than I expected after my easily completed 20 min run a couple of days ago. Once I had recovered though I did feel I could run some more.

I am really enjoying the challenge of progressing through the weeks and it's fun knowing that our Graduation is now firmly in sight!


Hi - I found it tough too - going back to running with the walking bits. My mind wanted me to be running not stopping. Oh well, we've got to trust Laura! Everyone tells us that.

Next week we will be lamenting the lack of walking as we sprint off into the sunset .....

I can't believe that in just three shirt weeks we shall be "wearing" our graduation badges. Where has the time gone?!

Will you carry on?

I'm definitely going to do the 5k+ I've also entered a race for life for one of my trips back to the UK.

You sound as though you're as "in to" this running lark as I am. Have you become anal? I talk about it all the time!!

I've even started looking at online sports shops.

:-) xx


Well done on getting through the first two runs of week 6. The third run is 25 minutes and is completely do-able. You might want to take things a bit steadier because the 25 minutes can seem a bit long. When Laura told me I'd been running for 12-1/2 minutes it seemed a lot long and I wondered whether I'd make it to the end. I did though. Good luck with the last run of this week. Best wishes.


:D Oh Boy! It's a good job my husband has his own interest and I have listened patiently to him over the years. He now has to suffer my incessant running chatter and nod as if he is really listening :D I have also been encouraging my niece, Mother, my grownup children and their respective partners to join me on my fitness quest. My son and his girlfriend say they are going to start today. Hubby says he doesn't need to build up and will do a long run with me soon. I suspect he is over confident :D

I am definitely going to continue and will need new goals to keep me motivated so will look at 5k+ podcasts and races to give me goals. I haven't even run 5k yet but am thinking of doing a 10k race in York in August. I don't expect to be fast but to complete it will be awesome. If my son does it with me it would be nice.

I can't wait to graduate! :D xxx


Well done; I wondered whether you would do it today. I've got the second run tomorrow -I am not sure I am going to try going faster, not after earlier in the week. I think I will just concentrate on doing it, Absolutely I am going to ignore anybody in front of me and just be pleased I am passing pedestrians. I'm glad it's going so well for you.. x


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