Tired, frustrated and sore hips. Whinge alert!

I feel a little bad posting this as I have only ever posted when i am having a whinge and today is no exception. After graduating on the treadmill and then struggling to transfer that to running outside, I had finally managed to get to running 30 minutes outside. Then I started to struggle a bit for no apparent reason with getting past 20 minutes and at the same time started to have pain in my hips at night. No pain when running, normal aches after running but only what seemed acceptable/expected. I seize up after sitting too long but I have been doing that for years..

I finally decided to take a break and haven't run for a week. The pain has just got worse and is now spilling over into the day. Does that mean it isn't running that is causing it? I have a sedentary job and have put in some very long hours recently, so most of 10-12 hours in front of a computer many days.

I don't know what to do now for the best. I daren't run and yet I want to so badly and it isn't improving by not running. If its the sitting that is a problem what do i do about that? I am self employed so i can't just not do it. I have tried icing it but can't take anti inflammatories or ibuprofen due to having had a stomach ulcer and asthma. How does one compress or elevate hips?

My GP is not supportive of my running - he would be happier if i stuck to yoga or pilates or maybe gentle swimming... honestly I am 51 not 91! This makes me reluctant to go to him now.

Anybody had a similar experience? The pain starts almost as soon as I lay down and is worst when i lay on the sore hip. The only place a pillow hurts at all is under my knee when i lay on my back. Between my legs on my side doesn't help at all. It runs down my leg sometimes too. It is painful enough to wake me up. Having worked so hard at this i am terrified i won't be able to run anymore.

Ok I'm done now, sorry ..


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  • I think it might be better for you to invest in seeing someone who deals specifically with sports injuries - they know so much more than any GP. You need to find out what is going on before you know what to do to look after yourself.?

    I am sure they will be able to help you and get you back out there. πŸ‘Œ

  • Sounds to me as though it would be worth seeing a good Sports physio or maybe even a chiropractor. Very annoying that your GP isn't sympathetic although a specialist professional is probably what you need at the moment. Hope you are able to identify the problem soon and I am sure that with the right support you will get back to running soon. Injury is sometimes part of the journey, but I know I now know and understand far more about my body now than I did when I started C25k. Good luck.πŸ™‚

  • Yes I would suggest a sports Physio, they should be able to pinpoint the cause and then diagnose the problem and then you can work on getting it better.

    I'm sorry to hear you're in pain and I really hope you can get to the bottom of this soon .

    Please don't worry about coming on here to "whinge " That's what this board is here for . We celebrate everyone's successes , but also when things aren't going too well , it's good to have a place to vent !

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thanks everybody for your patience. I will make an appointment this week with physio. I think I need to stop feeling sorry for myself really but lack of sleep is making me miserable - plus feeling like all my hard work may need repeating if I need an extended break from the running is so frustrating.

  • I use to have similar symptoms and the pain drove me nuts as no one (doctors, physios) could work out what it was. It was before I ran and, like you, I was sitting a lot. I started googling and to cut a long story short I started to stretch. When I first did the hip rotator stretch (see below) I cried out with relief! Also, I sat on a tennis ball and could feel my glutes were so tight but the ball really helped.


    Eventually a doctor diagnosed Piriformis syndrome but I just think I had extremely tight hips that needed movement and stretching.

    Running has helped a lot but I still am prone to get soreness in these areas and stretch every day. Pilates helps a lot.

    Try the exercises and see if that makes a difference. I wish you all the best as it's a horrible feeling.

  • Thanks Irishprinces, I think mine too is related to the tightness I know I have in my lower back. I have been doing most of those stretches for about six weeks and it has developed more over that time..... I am wondering if it is one of those things that needs to get worse before it gets better? If so I wish it would hurry up and turn a corner!!

    You know six months ago I weighed 22lbs more and couldn't run 60 seconds but I didn't hurt. I lost weight and got fitter to help my body and reduce risk of joint problems - or so I thought!

  • I've only ever run on a treadmill so far and would be interested to know how you made the transition to running outside? I hope you get the pain sorted but can't give any tips on that.

  • Running on a treadmill is quite different. The moving surface helps, and of course the belt has some cushioning in.

    They say running on a treadmill with an incline of 1.5 to 2 is equivalent to running on a flat road surface.

  • Hi Vangus - I have to say that I found the transition very hard. First couple of times I gave up within the first few minutes and sloped back home to cuddle my lovely treadmill! Then I got mad and decided to start from week one outside. I did week one and two (each time going back to do a stretch on the treadmill to keep up the stamina) then I skipped on a bit and then again. It took me about 5 weeks I guess to build up to the full run outside. I daren't use the treadmill now in case I lose the knack or whatever... It was the jolting and pace I found hard - I struggled to run slow enough and then got knackered and out of breath. Good luck with your journey - others haven't found it as tricky and I hope you won't - but if you do just keep at it :) It gets better!

  • Thanks! I was thinking of going back to the beginning outside so good to hear it worked for you.

  • Oh poor you. That sounds horrible. I don't blame you for having a moan!

    I've started having sore hips a bit (including in my bed at night) and have found certain types of stretch to be helpful. I hope a sports physio can put you right.

  • I get really sore and achy overnight - it doesn't matter whether I sleep on a hard or soft bed, have few or many pillows. I just don't know what to do with myself at night! I'm very tense (which is weird as I have a very relaxed life) at night and my dentist has recently told me I've been grinding my teeth as well! It sounds as if you need professional help. The sitting is bad though - if I sit for a long time it's not good. Could you invest in one of those standing desks where you can move the desk height up and down so you could sit or stand? They have them in Ikea and other places, and they look fab.

  • Thanks AD and UIOLI I am going to an NHS drop in clinic in the morning. I don't have high hopes as I already do most of the stretches I am expecting them to give me...

    I have been investigating the desks this week as well as kneeling chairs and exercise ball chairs and all manner of weird contraptions to change things up at work. I am worried about the desk not really working for me as the working surface I use is huge and i invariably have multiple files I am working from at any one time. When you adjust back to sitting you are left with a raised portion of desk in front of you too which would drive me nuts! Has anybody seen the benefit of either standing desks or the various weird chairs out there? Do they really help or do i just need to move around more?

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