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Week 2 Day 1

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I moved on to week 2 today and I even wore my tight fitting running bottoms which were much more comfortable than baggy jogging bottoms!!! I didn't quite stretch to the tight fitting top though.

Hope nothing is too stiff tomorrow

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Nice! Tight running bottoms are the best. Colourful ones with tacky prints are even better - I swear they make you run faster.

Definitely the brighter the better - makes running much easier - like you am still wary of tight tops though πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


The tighter ones are comfier.. and help with wobble... if you have any wobbly bits that is... :)

I like my top a little looser, but of course, the running bra keeps those wobbly bits in place x

Well done you...onwards and upwards :)


Great! I too transitioned from the baggy bottoms to the tighter ones - very plain ones though - and no tight tops. My sports bra is very frightening even to me and I wouldn't wish it emphasised and scary to others!


Well done - you'll be out there in lurid Lycra before you know it!


Dri fit gear is a boon come cold wet weather you will need a dri fit top and jacket when winter arrives. They are as cheap as chips. They don't need to be tight though

Aldi had merino Base layers in from yesterday. The long sleeved top looks good.


Well done. If you're like me I was terrified that anyone would see me I my running gear. Now I don't care very much and just focus on running. Wear whatever is comfortable and wicks away sweat

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