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First post graduation run, and W9 music has grown on me!

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I had it in mind all day that I'm going to run really slow today and aim for a bit further...the three end points were running the entire week 9 podcasts, 45 minutes or 6 k. A niggly knee and calves led to start off even slower than I had planned but I'm pleased to say I ran 46 minutes and 5.88 km, waaaay slower than ever before but very enjoyable! And I blush to confess the week 9 music has grown on me! Am I a bit odd, everyone else seems to hate it!πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜

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That sounds like quite a bit further! I didn't use the podcasts, so for my next run I might tune into Laura and see what all the fuss is about! I think I am going to consolidate at 30mins for a few weeks before I try to extend. Do you have a plan in mind?

Downloaded the 10k app from Zen Labs and had planned to go straight into them but don't feel like breaking up my running into 10 minutes segments right now. Searched really hard(wasted 2 hours πŸ˜‰) for the Sam Murphy Bridge to 10k podcasts on this forum. If any one has them please help! But in the mean planning to run 35_40 min 2 times a week and do a stepping stone podcast for the third run! Let's see might be too ambitious

AndyD posted a link to them recently

I tried to copy the link but it would not post

The post is called "Audio Podcasts for C25K and more..."

Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to RunaroundSue

Thank you! Howecer it's taking an age to download which is odd as its a zip file.

Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to RunaroundSue

Found it and downloaded them. Thank you

That sounded great - well doneπŸ˜€. I didn't do the W9 podcasts until post graduation and I've run with them twice now and yes, I am liking the music too - think it's the best of all the weeks πŸ˜€

Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to lightweightkate

I'm so glad to hear that! Proves I don't have terrible taste in music😁😁😁

lightweightkateGraduate in reply to Tryinghard2016



I like to run with Laura and wk 9 once a week, keeps Julie in her place!

Well done you.

Tryinghard2016Graduate in reply to Ellymeg

That's good to hear....I have grown unaccountably fond of Julie!

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