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Week 5 Run 1

Hi all just a update on my progress i got to week 3 run 2 and found it a tad easy for me so skipped run 3 and went straight into week 4 and found it much better for me, just completed my 1st run in week 5 and feel fantastic . Run 2 week 5 is 2 x 8 mins run looking forward to this. Its rest day tomorrow then out monday :) I weighed my self again today and i weigh 14 stone 1 pound, so since starting the programme ive lost 1 stone 2 pounds in 5 weeks so definately heading in the right direction and heading to that target i set 11 stone 6 pounds. Can feel the fitness really coming now and recover much quicker in between the running and walking part of the programme. Il keep you posted throughout and everyone keep it up we will do it together :)

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Sounds like you're taking it all in your stride!

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Yes really enjoying it the program is amazing x


Great progress, well done. One word of caution though. The plan is carefully designed and can be treated as a guide, rather than a rigid structure, but keeping the progress gentle is slowly building your stamina and altering your body in subtle ways as well as the more obvious ones. Sticking to the plan is the best way to avoid injury caused by doing too much too soon.


Ok thankyou for the advice I always use the day rest in between the program and only skipped 1 run and went onto the next week only because I felt really comfortable to do so and I've stuck to the program has Laura says and what a great program..just buzzing for the next run come on week 5 run 2 🏃🎉


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