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Anyone tried On Cloudster or Cloudsurfer shoes?

So I am hopefully almost back off the IC - probably going to do Aqua Zumba tonight rather than try running yet as my right ankle is still a bit swollen and sore, though the left one is almost back to normal. A symptom checker from a running website suggests it is probably mild tendonitis, so I am icing it as often as possible. I've been reading up on different brands of shoe, and On Cloudster sound a good shoe for beginners with wide feet (definitely me!). Cloudsurfer get good reviews too, but sound to be for more experienced runners. I'm planning a gait test on Thursday as by sheer fluke I will be near a Sweatshop, but just wondered if anyone had tried this brand? It apparently works for all gaits because of the way it works, so may be worth my considering it whatever I turn out to be - my father used to joke I needed to wear shoeboxes not shoes because my feet are so broad!

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I think I saw a pic of some on here the other day ☺ if you scroll back in c25k threads for the past few days you may find it ,or try the search button

Here is the link to the poSt 😊



Thank you! I tried searching, but couldn't see anything, probably as the make isn't mentioned in the posts. Great spot, MissW! Sounds as though they are comfy.

Don't think I will be running for a few days yet - missed Aqua last night as not organised so decided to try Week 6 gently, but ankle just too sore so I stopped immediately. The good news is that I don't think I made it worse. Will ice it again before I go to work.


Ice is excellent. Play it over the ankle area if you can go to bed with an ice pack on too that would be good

Those shoes look lovely there's bound to be some reviews of them on runners world etc. The original poster might return to tell us how she's faring with them

Take care ☺

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