W6 R3..... Shouldn't have read that blummin post

W6 R3..... Shouldn't have read that blummin post

So I've been down since my run yesterday, don't know why just wasn't happy with it, think it's because I walked for a few seconds in my second 10 minuet run, but carried on at the end so more than made up for it. Anyway was reading some old posts on here to get my mojo back before R3. I have just read that that last run was the last one with walks in!!!!!!

I never look forward, I just get up that day and follow the instructions, unfortunately the C25K app I have doesn't have Laura, my phone won't down load it, so got this phones version, it's exactly the same program but my lady just says run/walk/cool down. I think I've just lost any mojo, the delivery today of my new runners might have given me. I know you guys are great I just really need to remember slow and steady, slow and steady, trust the program...... Nothing really to reply about, but husband doesn't get what the problem is, and just wanted to voice my feeling of panic that I'm really going to struggle from now on in.


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  • Oh dear, I'm sorry, I think it may have been my post that you were referring to. I am prone to looking ahead and overthinking things but actually when it came to it Wk 6 Run 3 wasn't a big problem for me and there's no reason to suppose it will be for you.

    As before, just get up and follow the instructions, then come on here when you've completed it and tell us how well it went.

    And, what smart shoes! They just need to go for a run to show you what they can do!

  • Hey mrslis, don't know who's post it was, don't blame yourself honestly don't have a clue why I'm so down, I've got new runners, found someone to do my first park run with on Saturday and am over half way through the program..... Honestly I hate it when I can't seem to see past stuff. I'm doing my run very early doors tomorrow morning and if I don't complete it.... Hey just a practice run for the real thing. Thanks for the reply. Think it might be a touch on Monday blues

  • Yup, sometimes it's just like that, isn't it?

    I'll be going out as it gets light tomorrow morning too - I'll think of you and your blue/green runners. Hope you have a good one.

  • You know what I'm going to say -just take it steady and give it a go. What is the worst that can happen?

    The aim of the programme is to run for 30 minutes but you don't have to do that for ever and a day if you are more comfortable with a run/walk combination you can return to that. You will still be so much fitter than 6 weeks ago.

    Try it - you might surprise yourself!

  • Don't let the gremlins get to you, you've come this far and done incredibly well :D Don't give up :) Can you download the podcasts on to your phone to get the full Laura experience, including the dodgy music? Just take it back to basics and follow the instructions and you'll be fine, if I can do it anyone can. Have a great next run, not long to go now!

  • Don't beat yourself up about it Wkdjojo, we all have bad runs and none of us found it easy.

    You've done tremendously well to progress this far, you're two thirds of the way through the program and remember how you felt in week one? You're not that far off graduating.

    Take it steady, you can do this and you've got some nice running shoes there so you don't want to have wasted your money on them do you?

  • Thanks to my fabby husband who convinced me running in my hiking shoes wasn't really good over long distances.

    I'll be fine, I just hate Monday's urghhhhh slow and steady, slow and steady. Going to try down load Laura, be nice to have some encouragement in my ear

  • Managed to get Laura on my phone, that's me sorted then, it doesn't track like my other did but hay ho I use a different tracker anyway lol

    I think having a new listening and a bit of a change will be good, gets a bit boring listening for odd words thrown at you every so often.

    Looking forward to tomorrow now, kinda excited as don't know what to expect. I should have asked hubs for help with Laura before but mistakenly thought he wasn't bothered, just cos he doesn't do it with me doesn't mean he's not proud of me and is very encouraging. In fact when I finished my W5 R3 he welcomed me home with a cuppa tea and a sausage sandwich. Wonder what I'll get tomorrow πŸƒπŸ˜πŸ˜€

  • Your new shoes are great. Yei you can do it. It's just like joining all the little runs together. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Walking for a few seconds matters not one little bit, it happens to all of us - and some even have to stop to cross roads and so on. Forget about mojo, just put those pretty shoes on and go run in them....

  • I can so identify with your post. I was exactly the same. I spent a lot of the C25k program feeling discouraged. I did about half the runs with friends who were also doing it and I always felt that I was the worst. I quite often felt panicky too. I had some highs too along the way of course. But I am so glad I didn't give up. I finished at the end of April and have had the most wonderful summer of consolidating being able to run a full 5k (which I still can't do in 30 minutes but I don't care). It probably sounds ridiculous but honestly I now live with an almost constant inner glow - a sort of joy - because I am so happy to be fitter and slimmer than I have ever been!

    And now I'm doing the Bridge to 10k program despite being 100% certain that I would never want to do more than 5k...

    Keep going, Wkdjojo. x

  • I did w6 r3 this morning, am on such a high. Thankyou for believing in me xxx

  • Well done! We all have moments of doubt, nervousness and down right 'fed up-ness' you have got through it and the hard won victory is all the sweeter!! And..... In such lovely new shoesπŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚πŸ™ƒβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰ πŸ˜… Glad you have Laura, I found her such a support. Happy you!

  • I'm sorry to here that....I had a suggestion if you find your phone isn't downloading the podcasts click on your settings to request a desktop site because that should have the podcasts available for download.

  • Ah I'm glad you did it ... Both the podcasts and the run! πŸ˜€ didn't bother scrolling through rest of the posts before jumping in with my suggestion....Laura's great!

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