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Foam Rollers


I was talking to a colleague about my running, and I mentioned some slight pains I've had on my inner thigh and he suggested getting a foam roller - something I had not heard of before! We googled it and I get the idea of them and I wanted some more feedback on them - Has anyone got one or would suggest getting one?

As a recent graduate, I am still getting my pace and distance with a possibility of doing a 10K in April(eeep!Is this too soon?) and I know my body will still take some getting used to all this running!

Any help is greatly appreciated! xx

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If you've gone from 0 to 5k in about 9 weeks, then 5k to 10k shouldn't take you much longer. Just add half a k a week.

Sorry but no experience of foam rollers.

Good luck and happy running.


Thank you for the support frannyfran!


I agree with frannyfran. April is plenty of time to get ready for a 10k. I graduated at the end of March and jog/walked a marathon on 2 August. No experience of foam rollers but try doing a search on tis site as I know several folk have used them.


Well done on the marathon! This has given me a lot of hope and encouragement.. 10k here I come..


10k in April? No problem :) . It sounds like a long way but if you stick to a training plan you'll easily get there. I have my first HM in March (eeep eeep!)


All the best for March King9fisher! Thanks for the support!


Foam rolling is really helpful for working on sore, tight and knotty bits. A bit like a self massage. Beware though its not like a gentle roll - more like an instrument of torture !! My gp recommended I use one on my tight IT bands(sides of thighs) and it worked, but was pretty painful. That said , I would recommend it :)


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