Foam Rolling

Foam - it sounds soft, comforting, cushioning. Don't be fooled. A foam roller is none of these things. I feel like I have purchased some kind of medieval torture device.

Will I grow to love it? Resting on the tender spots of my IT band was particularly torturous. I am worried what the neighbours will think after hearing my strangled sweating through the walls as well.


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  • I have been looking into foam rolling need something for my tight tender spots where's best place t purchase 😁

  • I was going to buy one yesterday but chickened out as my leg is so painful I can barely touch it. They seem very good though i have to say

  • I know, it's fuc£ing torture isn't it, but it works :)

  • I just realised I had typed I was sweating through the walls!

    I bought mine from Amazon. A smooth one, the knobbly ones scared me slightly.

  • Defo medieval but have worked for my calves and hip. I got one of the knobbly ones (ooo-errrr!) but fancy one of the smooth ones too for exercising and core strength, anyone use them for that? I got mine from sports shop but have seen them in TK Maxx recently too.

  • Rumour has it that you can make foam rollers more comfortable by pushing a load of 6" nails through from the inside so that they protrude. You can then pretend that you are an Indian fakir rolling on a need of nails ;)

  • Jury's still out on whether foam rolling your ITB is a good thing or not - I know many physios advise against it. Up to you whether to use this as an excuse to stop the torture (keep going on the calves though -it works!) or continue if you think you're feeling the benefits!

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