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Hi all , I haven't run since I did park run Saturday the reason being I have had a very tight right calf since R.F.L, after the park run it's got worse , no pain no swelling just uncomfortable especially first thing when I get up . I've been doing stretches taking ibrufen which completely takes it off only to return later . Anyway I've read on here about the benefits of these foam rollers & as I haven't got one I used a old wooden rolling pin on calf . Guess what it works had no medication as yet but it does the trick . Just thought I'd pass this handy tip on . going out with pooch for a long walk , so see how I get on .


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  • Interesting Rockette do you just put the pin on the floor and roll your calf forward and back?

  • Yes that's what I did , just come back from walk with dog & it's ankle & calf it's achy so that hasn't done much ! Mind you was first attempt at rolling I'll keep it up & let u know how it goes .

  • Great I bought a foam roller but have yet to use it

  • Great improvising there, Rockette and a good tip too. Really hope it does the trick for you :)

  • Think it's my ankle too , all achy after my walk. I'll take ibrufen then it goes .

  • Sounds l ike a brilliant tip, Rockette. Thanks for passing it on. I haven't heard about foam rollers before, so is there a special technique, or is it just a matter of rolling the foam (or rolling pin) over the tight muscle as if it was a slab of dough needing kneeding?

  • I don't know Tomas , think so .

  • There are plenty of clips on Youtube demonstrating how to use the foam roller on calfs, hamstrings and quads. Good luck

  • I have been looking at foam rollers to and discovered this:

    I don't know if this is what everyone else does with them but i have read it is a new way to torture yourself. I think i might wait until i get back to the UK to get one.

    I have found running is not a cheap sport even with finding many bargains and comparing prices to back home.

  • Get you and your cheeky devices!! I think the foam roller offers a tad more comfort than a rolling pin, but hey it it works........ it works!

  • Rockette, if you sit on a chair and lift your leg (bent at knee), then use the rolling pin up and down your calf, that works too. In this position I also massage the calves myself which works pretty well. I've yet to persuade hubby to do it for me but I'm working on it!

  • Rockette is northern! We're 'ard!

    I thought of using one of those racks of wooden balls. Looks a bit like an abacus but you roll it up and down your aching limbs. We have one somewhere in the house but can I find it! My niece bought it for my husband when he hurt his back.

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