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Post grad panic!😩

So Friday last I completed the programme, yippee, I'm still smiling! However, I am a planner by nature and have Been in a bit of a panic about what my next run will look like! I've noticed others on the forum also feel a little adrift at this point, so.........

My plan over the next few weeks is to mix things up a bit.

1: I shall continue to use different routes and terrains

2: I will use at random, the nhs 5k+ podcasts........ The stamina one seems a bit tougher so I will leave that one alone for a few weeks. Stepping Stones and Speed sound good and do-able now.

3: Also in the randon mix, I have identified the perfect hill (loads to choose from around here!). Following a short easy run I will run up the hill (100 metres) fast, then walk down, repeated at least 5 times. Finish with a short easy run.

4: In my third run of the week I will aim to run slightly further each time. I intend to try to take a two day break after this longer run, so sticking with just 3 runs a week at present

5: I will aim to complete Parkrun once a month at least, as part of my longer run plans, beginning no later than 19th Nov.

There, I have a plan to help me transition to the next stage of my running. I already feel better😀 🏃🏻😀. Now I just need to follow the plan, starting tomorrow 🏃🏻🙏🏼👍🏼😎

I would be keen to hear any thoughts on the plan please, does this seem reasonable for a new graduate?

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Sounds good to me. I also like short runs in my mix, as well as days where I run what I feel. I go through phases where I like Laura's encouragement so I'll go back to earlier weeks and run her intervals, but faster than I did in the program. Or I'll double up on Laura, like running a week 4 and then a week 1 back to back. Other times I like to run to podcasts or my own tunes. There's a big hill in my neighborhood and it feels good to struggle with it and finally conquer it. There's plenty of options, test everything out and you'll find what motivates you.

Happy running.


Thank you runswithdogs , there are a few more things there I can add in. 😀

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Sounds great. Gotta love a good plan!

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