Are you still listening to Audiofuel after graduation

I am still wandering about like a lost soul since I graduated. Today I was looking at the audiofuel website where they have a choice of coached and non coached training. I liked the look of some of them as I have been enjoying the strong beat of their music with Laura.

Have any of you tried any of their training downloads and if so what do you recommend?


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  • Yes, I got quite a few of their things several years ago - they had some link-up with Pizza Express for a free download, and then there was supposed to be a discount on a 'pack' and I found an error which I told them about and they gave it to me by way of a thank you.

    Have you done the Couch to 5K + podcasts first though - a suite of three, with Laura? It's Audiofuel music and I'd really recommend trying those before you part with money, just to be sure you like the style and approach (running to the beat, so different to C25K itself).

    I've not used most of the stuff I have very much (which isn't about anything wrong with it)... except for Pyramid 180 which I have used quite a bit. A little interval session which you could use as part of a longer run or when you think you've not got time to do very much or you are in a grouchy mood. You come away from a short session feeling as though you've done something really constructive. I find the coaching quite amusing on that one too.

  • Thanks that's useful. I started the 5K+ today with running to the beat and I enjoyed it. It gave me something to think about. I tried running with just a distance in mind last week but that depressed me so I think for me this type of coaching seems to work.

    Pyramid 180 was on my hit list so yes I'll give it another few weeks and maybe give it a go. Thanks

  • Would love to hear how you get on with 'steel yourself to go in...' and 'recover as best you can'

  • I'll try to update this thread if I decide to try it, sounds hard

  • Ooh. Grouchy mood tunes. Will check out, thanks.

  • Stepping Stones music is Audiofuel. I think Juicy Ju had the Marathon training ones which were the tutored ones. First half hour and Second hour

  • I haven't tried Audiofuel but I googled music at the cadence I run at (which sits around 165-170 strides per minute) and then put songs I liked into a spotify playlist. Not a training session per se but just gives me a good beat to run to and I use training modes on my gps watch (usually with a time or distance target). I must admit, although I enjoy listening to songs I like it lacks a certain something, that something being Laura. Have felt a little bereft without her ever since I graduated so I still play a W9 podcast from time to time. :)

  • I will miss Laura and her structure that is why I have started the 5K+ and I am looking for something else with structure

  • You could move on to the Bridge to 10+ programme or some people repeat C25k from W1R1 by either doing intervals with faster running in the running parts and slow running in the walking parts or by tagging it on the end of their normal 30 minute runs. Just a few other ideas.

  • Thanks these are all good ideas, I don't think I'm ready for the bridge yet but I hadn't thought of starting again but quicker

  • I've just downloaded polyrunner 160. I've used it twice and enjoyed the running to the beat thing, the guy's cheerful voice and the time check and round of applause after each 10 minutes.

    I loved Laura's intervals but the last time I did it I felt I needed more of a challenge so perhaps I'm making progress after all!

  • Thanks I'll have a look at that one

  • I like the Audiofuel ones. I run 160ish so like the one which is around that pace. Actually, it's just like a longer version of Stamina, which I love.

  • Thank you, I haven't tried stamina yet I am working my way through those ones. I think I am around 160 myself

  • Did you get the Polyrunner bundle?

  • Run Free mid intensity. It's quite nice. Still on the IC at the mo sadly ...

  • Oh no, I missed that sorry... what's up?

  • I did something bad to my hip flexor at the end of June, kept running on it for a week or two and made it worse. So I've been getting physio and no running for over 2 months now. It feels nearly mended now, so I'm looking forward to getting back out there, back to W1R1 I guess ... at least the weather is cooling down now. Not good for sun lovers like me, but much better for us runners!

  • Oh that sounds awful, sorry to hear it. I re-did C25K in April after my Achilles injury, I did 1 run from each week until I was sure I was ok...hope you're back out there again soon xxx

  • Me too - thanks x

  • No I didn't, what's that like?

  • I keep dithering about and looking at their web site and not buying anything...can't decide which I want!

  • yes that's me but I have a little time

  • I have started the 5k+, the beat was quite good and as I am still offshore I found the counting 1,2,3,4 gave my mind something to think about instead of the time in front of me

  • That is the same as me, I liked the counting and concentrating of 5k+ to take my mind off the distance

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