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Week 9 run 1 but uncooperative app


Hurrah, it's taken much longer than 9 weeks but I did my week 9 run 1 today cheered on by the lovely elderly man who I've said hi to on the last few runs. He said it looked like it was easier today and he was right - I didn't think it was that obvious!

Is anyone else having problems with the app? Mine keeps freezing - I can open it but then it refuses to play. I had to run without Laura's encouragement and time keeping today which made it a little harder.

I'd be surprised if I'm running anywhere near 5km in my 30 minutes - am going to bite the bullet and check the distance in my next run (didn't want to be disheartened!).

Good luck everyone ☺️

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A lot of people have had similar problems with the app. You could try to podcast? You don't get to listen to your own music with it but you'd be just in time to meet Julie and Laura does give you help along the way.

Also, don't worry about the 5k. A lot of people don't get close to 5k on W9R3 (some never do!). Some people push on in their last run until they reach 5k and then go back to consolidate running for 30 minutes afterwards. It's up to you but remember that if you don't there will be plenty of time to reach 5k as you have your whole running life ahead of you! :)

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I am nowhere near 5 k more like 3.5k a run so don't be disheartened - this is more about 30 minutes of continuous running than the distance - so pleased for you that you are almost at the end - only 2 runs to go - well done and let us know hoe your next 2 runs go 😀


Thank you, I will do ☺️


I struggled with the app and switched to the podcast early on. As for distance - I'm still nowhere near it. I can manage 4K in 33 mins and it took me 53 mins to do 5k! Good luck for the rest of the week😀


Thank you - I wonder if anyone manages 5k after the 9 x3 runs. I will brace myself and measure distance next run. Busy week ahead so I'll have to finish day 2 and 3 next week. Hope you have some lovely runs in the meantime ☺️


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