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Well that was hard! Week 1 run 2

Well that was hard but not for the reasons you might think!

I am repeating my week 1 as I ended up on the IC for a couple of months due to a knee injury at the end of completing week 1, so I'm starting over again.

Since my first run at the beginning of this week I volunteered to look after my 4 month old niece so my sister could do a couple of compulsory induction days at uni (as a mature student). I forgot how much time it took to look after a baby (even though it was only 10 years ago for me)! I had planned to go running yesterday with my niece in her buggy but due to timing issues with her feeds, my children with their school times, after school clubs and then my husband who has broken his leg so can't carry anything (not even a cup of tea!), I decided to just bin yesterday and was then determined to do it today when I wasn't on Auntie duty.

Today's run was great. I went out this morning after I'd been the dutiful wife making my husband his breakfast after the children had left for school. There was a cool breeze which was nice and refreshing after the past couple of days. I did consider taking a lightweight hoodie with me as it was cool but decided against it which was the right decision.

My run 1 and this run I chose to do on a large playing field 10 minutes drive away. I don't like the idea of driving to just go for a run as it goes against my reasoning for running (carbon friendly etc) but I want to be kind to my knees for the moment.

As I was doing the 5 minute walking warm up a "proper" runner came past who chose to ignore me which was quite off putting as I thought runners were like bus drivers who acknowledge each other in the same job!

Anyway, I put that to one side and concentrated on the job in hand. My first 1 minute I made sure I went slowly and was really pleased to find that it went quite quickly, so did the second minute. I started to get too confident and then went too fast on my third one minute run which meant I didn't recover quick enough on my fourth one. Lesson learnt as it meant my fifth and subsequent ones I made sure I went slow. I was really pleased to finish and once again felt that I can definitely tick week 1 run 2 off.

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Well done for getting out of the house with all the domestic stuff you've got going on. Make sure you keep at it slow and steady so that you don't tire yourself out, and smile at all you pass, some will smile back and some won't, but your cheery smile might just make somebody else's run more doable. :)


Brilliant and well done for getting out there after all your domestic goddess work 😀 I think most runners are friendly but I always try and think that those that don't acknowledge are either in a zone or fighting a gremlin at the point of passing... keep it slow and onwards to R3 😀

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Well done !

You've got a lot on your plate at the moment what with one thing and another , but its nice just to have a bit of " me " time isn't it ?

Hold on to it and really Well done for today xxx

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Well done on your run! Sounds like you've got a lot going on and it can be hard to know when on earth to fit in a run... I know I'm feeling like that. I kind of have a schedule that works around mum duties to a toddler, my husband being about, teaching two days a week and then all the extras that go with that!

Keep us updated on how you get on! I did my W3 R2 today.

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Well done inspired mum. Keep going.. its a great program and will start to challenge and captivate you as you progress. You already know that slow is best, its fun to tick each run off.😊

Enjoy your 'you'time.

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