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Ok you lovely people, I'm doing C25k just about to enter week 5, On Sunday I did the local park run which was brilliant as was able to do walk run intervals but it didn't keep me in the programme as I ran for longer than I should. I'm going to carry on sticking with the programme and maybe repeat week 4 as my legs hurt from the additional run times. Maybe the park run was a bit adventurous at this stage. I loved it though !!!

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Hi there. This is my first post so very nervous but I`ve just done Wk 4 Run 2 so am roughly at the same stage. I have a very anxious eye on Wk 5 Run 3 - sounds scary. Saying that I never thought I could have got to Wk 4. Even though I must be the slowest "runner" ever, I am loving the C25k and my ambition is to do a park run hopefully once I graduate.


Hi nice to hear from you and great we're at the same stage. I walked / ran my local park run it was brilliant. I ran slowly and walked when I needed to and there was no pressure to run all the way round. It really motivated me to see people of all shapes,sizes age groups we had coffee and biscuits after and I met some lovely people. I've left an extra day between runs this week and I'm going to repeat run 3 tomorrow then move onto week 5. I'd really recommended the park run even if you fast walk round.. Who cares. I look forward to hearing how your getting on... Enjoy

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