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Hi all, I ran a 5k race last Sunday on a hilly bike path. Minimal stretching beforehand and post race. In hind sight (beautiful thing that it is) I should have ran outside rather than on my treadmill for the weeks leading up to the race... I'm able to get my normal daily routine around the house done as of today but, still am careful about picking up my two year old son. Where do I go from here...? How do I know when I can start jogging again..? I'm so scared of losing what I have worked so hard at accomplishing these past months but, I don't want to risk further injury either!!? Any suggestions please.

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Your post is a bit confusing really. Have you injured yourself? As you refer to just about being able to pick up your so . If you have injured yourself what injury do you have?

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BbunchGraduate in reply to Slinkyminky

My back was out... :) that was the injury.. I ran a 5k outside on a hilly route when I've been used to running on a treadmill and my back locked up on me a couple of days later.

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Running on a treadmill is very different than running outside and to be honest I will do all I can to avoid it! Appreciate with a young child it may be difficult to get out. When you feel less sore I would try and start getting out. Find some easier routes to start with and if needed download the C25K podcasts and start at week 5 or 6 depending on how you feel. oh yes and do stretch. There are some great stretch and flex podcasts that you can do in between runs using a treadmill.

Good luck, you will get there!

in reply to burrlu

I've just done week 7 run 2, all on the treadmill so far. Once I've completed week 9 on the treadmill I'd like to try running outdoors so thanks for the tip about starting at week 5 or 6...sounds like a plan.

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BbunchGraduate in reply to burrlu

Thanks for your advice:)

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Funny things treadmills and I usually find I can run faster outside than on a treadmill as I prob run with a longer stride length than on the treadmill. Post race stiffness isn't uncommon and I would try to get out to do a least a brisk walk or a very light jog a couple of days later to get some blood flowing into these areas. Paula Radcliffe gives some good advice in this article,

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Hi Bbunch. If it is aches and pains in the torso etc, I get those just from long walks on uneven ground. I think treadmill running will not necessarily have prepared you for that. It is all to do with core strength I believe but I am not an expert so cannot advise further.

Hope you are up and running again soon.

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BbunchGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Yes I want to start doing some core strengthening like "Pilates" and will cross train with swimming.

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Oh dear that sounds painful! Go steady and ease yours elf back into exercise. A walk is as good as anything just to get you moving, not far mind you☺

Outside running is fab but not til you're better. Let us know how it goes. Your back does get stronger as you get into running. It's a set of muscles that needs strengthening, along with your core, so you can get niggles til you have built yourself up through continued running.

I suppose the test of how you have improved injury wise will be when you can pick up your little boy. Not too long I hope ☺

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BbunchGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks, I've cautious with the lifting. Lots of stretching and heat on lumbar. Went for a deep tissue massage today,it was painful but much needed! Still not running. I'm ok with that for now.

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Read 'Born to Run' by Christopher McDougall, you might find answers to why you got injured. It's a brilliant read too.

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Thanks everyone for your feed back:) I am going to get back to walking, then jogging, doing core strengthening, cross training in the pool swimming and investing into a good foam roller!!

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