Couch to 5K

W7R3 running with cats

Back to school today so had to set the running alarm to 5am, and consider where to run as with cloud cover it was pitch black and my usual woodland was a no-go. Modified my dodgy playlist with training on the music app from my son at the weekend so I was all set to take to the streets and find myself a new path.

worked out a great route that fitted 25 mins nicely and should be able to adapt it next week for the extra mins. Thought I would have the early mornings streets and parks to myself, but it was full of cats, all looking caught out and scarpering as I came along. Never knew we had so many in my area!

I found the pavement much harder than my usual run, but not impossible I think, and really pleased to have fitted the run in before work. Just hope I can keep it up!

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Hi bettybelle, I always go early morning before work, I find it better. You certainly do see a different perspective of your surrounding area. I've got used to the early workers leaving for their commute, night workers coming home and like you say the cats that are out and about.


Well done on making a great start to the year.

Nice to hear a mention of cats, we're usually all about dogs (good and bad) here!


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