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Anyone feel drained & tired after WEEK 6?

I've started WEEK 7 and patted myself on the back yesterday after I'd managed the 25min run. However since then, I've been sooooooooooo drained.

I'm wondering if this is one's body still adjusting to aerobic exercise, or perhaps I've got a bug/virus? Dunno.

Anyway, 2nd run of Week 7 tomorrow so I'll see how THAT goes.


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I'm in the same situation, I've done the 20mins no problem but the 25mins seems to keep escaping me, I'm hoping the third attempt may be closer.

I think in my case signing up to the gym and using that on my off days hasn't helped my depleted stocks of energy/fat any either.

Good luck & finger crossed




I definitely had the W7 blues - I think it was a psychological minefield from hitting the highs of constant running in W5R3 which carried me along through W6 to the sudden realisation that there is no more walking (aagghh) W7 ....

plus don't forget that you are now burning a lot more calories than you were just 10 days ago so it might be time to re-assess your energy intake & also to make sure you are having enough proper sleep.


Good advice, thanks Matthew.


You appear to be running everyday - you need to rest to avoid fatigue! If you must exercise then pick something that is light on the leg muscles!


Au contraire! I exercise every OTHER day. As per sergeant major Laura's instructions.


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