So I was only able to get going with running yesterday for week 6 but managed quite nicely!

Today however was another story... bucketing down with rain I decided to try out the Park run here and along with 105 other souls made the full 5km in 36min! No walking involved (Rain coming down too hard to stop) and included 1km running on the beach sand. - Thanks to the volunteers, especially the one who took this very flattering photo...

No Running tomorrow - shoes are soaked! Any suggestions for quick drying without a drier?

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  • Yes plenty of newspaper and keep replacing till its dry

  • Perfect I will see what I can find here at the back packers :) Thanks!!

  • No problem

  • Sorry apart from stuffing them with newspaper, I wouldn't know what to do. That's a great time on your 5k and well done not doing any walking breaks. Running on the beach is quite hard I found.

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