W8R1 - was actually quite good

My knees are niggly, I walked too much yesterday even though it was a rest day and I've been pushing it a bit running every other day recently. So the gremlins were having a great time with me after lunch. They threatened injury, exhaustion, failure, collapse, flu - you name it. But if I don't run today I'll be thrown completely of course for the rest of the programme due to other obligations. So run I did.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't raining when I looked out of the window four seconds before I opened the front door. But it was as I stepped outside. I'm also pretty sure the wind didn't come directly from Siberia when I went shopping this morning. But it was now. God knows how because it was definitely coming from the South or West - but it was COLD. On my "brisk walk" I thought I might be dressed too lightly, my hands were really cold. But once I got going it was fine and I soon got to my overheated, not quite so gently perspiring stage. Not many people out - an older man doing stretching exercises, a middle-aged Nordic walker who smiled conpiratorially as I passed and a really fast jogger, who I met again walking on the way back looking knackered. Oh and a dog walker pulling her golden retriever away from something smelly and obviously delicious. I had runkeeper reporting to me every 5 minutes and I was pleasantly surprised. It may be the music on the podcast, it may just be the weekend, but I definitely run faster at weekends. The second five minutes were spent listening to Julie - I've finally met her! Never thought I would.

The rain turned into sleet. I couldn't see as my glasses fugged up and were spotted with rain. I fumbled around pulling my running shirt out from under my jacket to wipe my glasses. After that it was OK. I tried to go slower and control my breathing and concentrate during the first 15 minutes, but it all went to pot towards the end. My breathing got jagged, the last three minutes were really tough. And then it was over. I switched Runkeeper off at exactly 28 mins, and was just being told my statistics when my phone died on me. Too many apps running? Oh no, I hope the run has been recorded. I walked briskly home, the cool-down would have taken me to 5k, the time would have interested me, but I have my whole life ahead of me to do it again.

The stats weren't lost. I ran 4.1 km in those 28 mins, all of them under 7 mins. My fastest was - as usual - kilometer 3, maybe I'm running downhill there.

That is the fastest I've ever done in my whole life. OK it's called a PB, and you all have them, but I'm new to this game.

And yes, I know we newbies shouldn't get hung up on statistics, but it is nice to see some progress. And I am a statistic person, when I'm running I'm always working out percentages, distances, times etc. It's how my head works - so please don't tell me off!

The gremlins were proved wrong again - although they might still get me on the flu!

Run 2 will probably be on Tuesday. We're definitely going hiking in the Alps tomorrow and that will knacker me. Might be too stiff for a run on Monday - but you never know with my new found fitness I might just leap up the side of the mountain like a gazelle.

Onwards and upwards. Happy running!


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11 Replies

  • Happy running to you too but please slow down!!! If your breathing is jagged you are overdoing it. For C25k it's all about finishing and completing the programme. Time, distance is nowt to bother about. You can fret about those things post Graduation. It's so easy to over-reach and get hurt, and there's nothing worse than repenting on the injury bench

    Sorry to nag, but I'm am Site Nag in Chief.

    It sounds as if you are doing really well, so keep plugging away and we'll be there for you at the finish line. Pom poms at the ready!

    Have fun! I'd love to have a handle on the stats but I can't see the titchy writing on my watch when I run. Bah!

  • Suitably ticked off - will go slower next time!

  • Loved reading this, thank you!

    We are at the same point in the programme but you are much faster than me. Mind you I'm a slow sort of person, more ambling than brisk :)

    Good luck!

  • Fast is not good - I've just been ticked off! Slow and steady is the thing, building up stamina. Fun though isn't it!

  • No need for me to say anything as you have suitably nagged by missw :)

    Hope you manage to swerve the flu that would be a real downer.

    Hmmm stats good and bad at this stage , yeah they can show your progress but realky all you need is you,

    Week8 now that's is progress, well done 5 runs and counting to graduation YAY :)

  • Really enjoyed reading your post. You are an inspiration to us all. Well done on your pb. Maybe Julie was involved somehow. .. :) 😉

  • I must've missed this post over the weekend. Sounds like another successful run overall. Graduation is within reach!

    I want to meet Julie! Don't think she's on the app though...

  • Fantastic ! Well done Jaysee, its all coming together now , ready for your last week and Graduation !

    Do you have a cap with a peak , like a baseball cap ? They are brilliant for keeping the rain off your glasses , works a treat !

    Well done, youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Yes, I normally run in the rain with a cap - it's a big help. But I'm sure it wasn't raining until I stepped outside so I hadn't got it with me. And once outside I'm not going back in - the warmth might be too tempting!

  • I missed this post! Thought you were cheating earlier (joking! ;)) when I saw your W8R2 report after only seeing the no hike post yesterday. Wow, what a run 1, glad the others were sensible and told you off about your speed. I'm not sensible so would've been saying woo hoo, go you, run like the wind Speedy Gonzales, job done, fantastic! Good job I did miss the post! :) xxx

  • It was quite exhilarating! Two completely different runs, both really good. I blame the music on the podcasts - you have to run to the beat. And I tend to run faster at the weekend or during the day (not first thing). I've noticed that in the past - haven't worked out why yet!

    It was very good to discover that I now have 2 speeds!

    But the graduates gave me a good rollicking - the raggedy breathing gave me away!

    Are you running today - streaking like a greyhound down the canal path?

    Have fun!

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