It wasn't a fluke!

I wanted to be sure that last Monday's surprise 10k wasn't a flash in the pan, especially since I now have a 10k race in June at which I don't want to embarrass myself!

I planned a 10k route this time so I didn't have to meander around local streets making up the distance. I also picked up on advice from others and set my Garmin to display average pace, and ran to a display of pace and distance rather than time and distance, which I found much more effective in terms of run management. I quite surprised myself again - I ran it last week in 1:16:32, at an average pace of 7:39, so I thought I'd aim at a pace of 7:20 to 7:30 - a little faster, but not wanting to blow up. At the beginning of the run, it was all over the place, but settled down to 7:20 after 4k or so and as the run progressed, the pace gradually improved to 7:15, and I completed the 10k not feeling too uncomfortable in 1:12:30. The myAsics plan estimated I could work up to 1:11:18, so I'm feeling quite chuffed since I have ten weeks to improve before race day.

My run -


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  • Well done Steve. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • It sounds good!!!

  • Incredible. You're on a roll. Keep it steady, and don't get carried away signing up for marathons or triathlons before you're definitely ready! :D

  • :)

    No risk of that!

  • Sounds like you're heading that way though... Enjoy working on those 10ks!

  • Boom! Good stuff Steve!

    I must say as well that its good to know someone else is pretty much at the same stage as me on the whole 10k run thing!

  • Yes, Nick. Are you sticking to your myAsics plan? I'd kind of thought that the plan was to build up to a 10k run rather than to improve times. Are you aiming for a particular time for your race?

  • Yes, just to cover 10k was the original plan. Myasics has me down at 65 mins estimate at the moment, so working towards that as a good starting point. Just want to get round as quick as possible without any expectation of a time if I am honest - I can start chasing PBs post-race!

  • well done Steve. You are doing fantastically. Just be careful :) .

  • I am, Stef. Being careful, that is! Everything's holding together well up to now - no niggles except for the knee that needs looking after, but I keep that strapped now when I run, and touch wood I've had no further problems with it.

  • Well done Steve, you're going to be just fine when it comes to race day and, dare it say it, a wee bit faster than your Asics plan is suggesting. Go you!!

  • Nice run Steve and nice sugggestion about setting Garmin to pace and distance!

  • Can't claim the credit for that, but it certainly made judging the run easier!

  • Top man! I've been using MyAsics to get me ready for a 10k in May. My aim is just to get round running the whole thing but MyAsics seems determined to set me a target time (which is about 5 mins faster than I told it I could do!) Keep it up mate :)

  • Nice one Steve.

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