Post C25K jogs

Hello peeps

So second week jog 1 last night since graduation and still feeling good. I am really enjoying the support on here and hopefully I am helping others on this amazing journey. Once you have graduated motivation is still key, I find most of my jogging is now a mental issue. I am not weighing myself at the moment as it is a bummer when the scales don't move (which they haven't for 6 months), I am enjoying the feeling of clothes become loose and my hubbie commenting on the firming up of my waist, legs and bum :)

I am enjoying ready everybody's achievements and challenges and you are all awesome.

I am still jogging in the evenings and listening to my ipod with an eclectic music taste from Linkin Parc and Metallica to Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac with Chicance, Calvin Harris and Darude thrown in for motivation. I find dance music helps with increasing the oomph for the latter part of my jog. I tend to start the jog on a downhill then mostly flat with the end going downhill, if I find a spurt in energy levels I use the last 2 minutes of the jog to come back up the hill and push myself. Last night most of the jog was on a flat so feel that is an achievement.

I am a little concerned with the darker nights drawing in as I live in a village with no street lighting so am trying to adapt my jog schedule to allow for this. One of my ideas is to get the park and ride bus to work and then jog back (about 3 miles) but it is all uphill and comes past all the queuing traffic (even though I know I am amazing for doing this I still can't deal with the strange looks from people who can't believe a fat girl is attempting to jog). Anyway I am trying to improve my jogging technique over the next month to allow for this.

Thanks for listening :)


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  • Get a head torch and a high vis vest if you're likely to be at risk from traffic!

  • Thank you, very good point as I currently jog in slimming black :)

  • That sounds good. I think weight loss/fitness is a long term thing too, running has helped me to accept myself as I am, which is good, as I am eating like an elephant :D

    I was wondering about the dark nights too, I live in a townie place with lots of lighting though. Sounds like a good plan to run back home...

    There's a nice feature on the spotify phone app where it tracks your running rate and provides you with the right beats per minute songs for your playlist :) Maybe I might do this, if (no, when!!!) I finish wk 9.

  • You are sounding so positive...well done.

  • A head torch is a good idea and high vis armbands if you don't want to ruin the outline of the slimming black ;) Actually my hubs has a high vis that's a bit like a netball tabard, just pull it on and it has a front and back but just two elastic straps at the side. Not sure where it came from. When it gets really dark, my two pooches have flashing collars so I will rope them in to come with me! I must get around to doing a playlist, I'm sure it would be more motivating. Laura is getting a bit fed up that I keep dragging her out with me :-D

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