What an evening to be treasured

This evening I was a Queens Baton Bearer for the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 relay in Stornoway. What a privilege, what fun and an amazing event.

I was nominated for community stuff that I do but also because - thanks to C25K -I am now a 'runner'.

However, doing the same leg as me on an up & down relay was Kirsty Wade -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirsty_Wade

Kirsty is a friend as well as my Jog Scotland & Aquafit tutor. How amazing is that!

Pipe bands, music, entertainment, sunshine. The police guys & girls protecting the Baton and Baton Bearers are all runners and cover the equivalent of a half marathon each day on the job. They are great fun, very supportive and enjoying the craic.


See where C25K gets us !!!!!

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  • Wow, that sounds amazing. That must have been something really special.

  • Oh how exciting! You must be thrilled to be chosen to take part. Well done!

    I can remember kirsty as mcdermott. I reckon I saw her run, probably at sheffield don valley

  • Wow, how exciting for you, Windswept! We were a week early as we were in Stornoway last Tuesday. I hope to see the baton relay in Inverness on Saturday when it passes ParkrunParkrun.

  • Yes!! You DEFINITELY are a runner!!!!

  • That sounds fantastic, what a spine tingling event that must have been.....something very special for you to look back on. Well done.

  • Sounds great fun and I had a look at the link and photo's - any of you there?

  • How exciting!

  • It was a great evening Windswept1, I hadn't realised you were a baton bearer or we'd have stayed a bit longer to cheer you on. We headed home after seeing Clyde as the kids were getting grumpy.

  • Well done you on Graduating. - Go for the badge!!!!

  • Got the badge, got the badge, woo hoo!

  • Good Stuff.

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