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Hello! I have just completed week 2, day 1 of C25k and although I feel like I'm improving, I still can't run for the whole 90 seconds. I do what I can and sometimes jog during the allocated walking time - is anyone else like this?

I also find people get in the way -families walking their dog etc. And this puts me off my stride and I end up slowing for them or walking. At the moment I'm not listening to music with the app so that I can focus on my jogging technique (I'm very new to all this).

Any words of wisdom, inspiration and motivation greatly welcome!

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  • Hello and welcome to the group. Personally I go out early just so I can avoid people - it works for me. I have to run down a very narrow footpath towards the next village and cannot really overtake, hence the early starts.

    As for your running, it is still early days but I wouldn't jog when supposed to be walking. Next time run for the 90 seconds and if you feel you cannot make it to the end just slow down to a really light jog and see if you can make it. Otherwise, walk until the end of that 90 seconds then do the whole of the walk without any jogging ready to start the next 90 second run. Hope this helps :-)

  • Thank you for your response! I am in no way an early bird but may have to become one to avoid humans!

    I will try that. I think at this stage I need to stop being so hard on myself for not doing the whole 90 seconds.

  • For sure! :-D when you're new to running it really takes it out of you. I remember week 1, run 1 I couldn't walk all week - I had to take a week off to recover and start over :-D but your body soon adjusts and each week you feel yourself getting a little bit fitter. And you can repeat runs or weeks if not completed - you don't have to complete the plan in 9 weeks - all the best and happy running :-)

  • You really needn't be so hard on yourself, but I think it's natural. Just keep running and it will build up.

  • You will get more used to it! Your body is still in shock and I wonder if you are starting the running bits too fast? It really is a slow jog!!

    I wonder if there's anywhere what you can run which is less busy?

    Good luck!

  • Hmm now you mention it, I do go all out when I run! I'll try and take it slower next time!

  • It's stamina not speed ! Listen to Laura!

  • That's probably the reason, jog just above walking speed, no more! It certainly is tough when just starting out, a lot go too fast at first, make sure your well hydrated and stretch after you runs.. it will come, try somewhere less busy and flat, any hill at the moment will make it extra hard for you..well done!

  • Slow, slow, slow it down. I know this sounds silly but go as slow as you possibly can to enable yourself to get through the running bits. This was the best piece of advice I was ever given. I didn't think it was possible to go slower than I was but believe me you can ALWAYS go slower. My body didn't know what had hit it when I first started. Those first 60 seconds of week 1 nearly had me running for the exit! Take it easy on yourself too. Don't beat yourself up over it. You can repeat a run until your body can 'do it'. It won't take long for your body to adapt. Just don't give up! Good luck with the next one and come on here often to keep yourself motivated. We're all behind you :)

  • Thank you, that was lovely! I'm so glad I signed up here :)

    I'll take it much slower next time and see how I go - I need to remember this isn't a race! I'll post again after the next one - I'm convinced it's speed that's making it harder :) thank you so much for the support, it's much appreciated :)

  • at the exact same stage as you. I would just follow the plan and don't try and do running when you are meant to walk. Also when I am really struggling I run as slow as I can just to keep me going .I'm lucky really as there is a running track near my home and it is very quiet during the day.i felt very self conscious at first but now I just get on with it and I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when a young lad who was really sprinting fast was shouting to me to keep going. Good luck .

  • Well done! How are you feeling about it at this stage? I dread every run but then feel really good afterwards :)

    A lot of people have suggested to slow down- I will try that for the next one and hopefully see more progress :)

    That's lovely, sometimes all you need is someone to tell you to keep going. Good luck with it all!

  • I am really pleased that I started it . I honestly never thought I could run. The first week I thought I'll never get through this but then moving on to week 2 ,I honestly couldn't talk while I was running but kept on pushing myself and when I got through that I felt great. My legs were sore today but I'm already looking forward to tomorrow for day 2. Keep on pushing yourself. Keep updating on here and we can support each other and see how we get on . Good luck

  • Our mantra on here is to take it slow and steady. And by slow, that's what we really mean!

    The object of the programme is to build your stamina until you can run for 30 minutes - don't worry about covering 5k in that time, very few of us achieve that at graduation from the programme.

    Everything in your body will scream at you - lungs, muscles, heart and most of all your mind.

    You can do this! Just take it at your own pace and, as your name says, just keep running!

  • I have just done week 2 run 1 this morning and didn't think I'd manage to run a whole 90 seconds. My advice to you is to take it slowly when running and if you feel like you need to stop just slow it down. My running isn't even running, people were walking past me faster than I was running. Make sure you rest on your brisk walk. You can do a redo if a week if that helps. Someone came with me who is on week 9 this morning for support and they told me they started out like me, it's just about putting one foot in front of the other and running for 90 seconds, you can gradually build up on your speed. Don't feel bad, good for you for getting to week 2 and not giving up, you'll get there. I know how hard it is. For me it's my breathing, I struggle to breathe as I do it but I'm determined to carry on. My legs hurt now!

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