Post holiday dip .... Action plan

I have seen a few similar themed posts just recently with good advice. I also thought by posting my plan I am more likely to stick to it

My story in a nutshell: I graduated c25k on 1st July on a real high I wasn't quite at the 5k mark but getting pretty close . I then did 4 weeks of 3x30min runs again pretty good. Followed by 2 weeks holiday with no running.

Post holiday has not been so successful. First run back I made it to about 20mins and then had to walk I then did some 30 min runs but was not running as far as the same time pre-holiday. Could have been the humidity, heat etc etc. Also my ankles have start to ache (they seem to like to take it in turns so nothing too bad).

So now my plan-

Going back to week 5 and building up strength and stamina from there. Twice a week I will use the gym and once I will run on the roads. I'm afraid the streets of London are just not good for my ankles, knees and hips.

Did week 5 run 1 this morning and it was good to achieve what I set out to do.

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  • Re-assessing your goals to get back the sense of achievement is a great idea, well done :)

  • Sounds like a good plan. I love to dip back into Laura for motivation and variety. You probably don't need to do every run again if you don't want.

  • Sounds like a great plan. I got as far as Week 8 before holidays got in the way; I've now not run in 3 weeks, so was thinking of going back to W5r3 and going back up from there. :)

  • Good idea, hope your run goes well.

  • Sounds a good plan. I intend to slowly work through a bridge to 10k podcast maybe taking two or three weeks at same level. Similar idea to you. But one run a week is to see how far I can go in 30 mins or 35 mins. Wanted to keep the fun part of running in there - otherwise it seems to become another chore.

    my daughter ( nearly 30 years younger) has problems with her knees after running along London streets. What's going on down there?! North Yorkshire lanes suit me at the moment!

  • too much concrete in London not kind to the knees!

    I tried one session of the B210k. I think once I am back to running 30 mins well I will add one session of the B210k a week so it will take me 3 weeks to do each week of the programme.

  • Good plan 0505k, once you are managing 30 mins you could try the c25k+ podcast. They are Laura and she gives some good running tips to help with stride and posture.๐Ÿ˜Š

    This hot spell is lovely, unless its a run day...not surprised you are struggling a bit.

    Doing toe lifts and heel drops is good for the ankles.

  • Thanks for advice re ankles. I will try these.

  • I tried running on the pavements once and my knees hurt a lot, even with gel insoles so I use a grassy field or a treadmill.

    Assuming I have a gait analysis done, are there any particular types or makes of running shoes that can lessen the impact from the hard surfaces?

    I would like to start running on the streets but not if my knees can't take the impacts...:-(

  • I recently has a gait analysis done as my hips and back were really starting to hurt. Since graduating I've concentrated on refining the 5k (fastest run is 34 mins now so close to 30!) and I've started one longer run of 6k onwards. I had no idea that the 'good' trainers I've been wearing throughout the programme had very little shock absorbency. As I've stepped up intensity and distance my body messed much more! The new trainers have made a massive difference (I knocked 2 mins off my fastest time the first time I wore them) but more importantly my hips/back are much better, tho I did also reduce distance and number of runs to allow more healing time. Good luck, def go for new trainers!!!!

  • Hmmm, I haven't had gait analysis or new running shoes since starting c25k. Your experience has got me thinking๐Ÿ˜Š. Haven't really had any issues except for a hard patch on the ball of my right foot which hurts a bit on a long run. Looking at the sole that shoe is very worn in that area. I do run mainly on pavements.

    Think a trip to Fit Stuff is in order...๐Ÿ˜Š (purple is my fav)

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