Perfect day for my wk6 day ahead of planned and completed!

Good morning all! Wk 6 run 3 completed. ;) Yesterday I posted an absolutely miserable run and was undecided what I was going to do with my exercise today. Do I take it easy in preparation for my last run Friday or just go for it today? Well, the weather was beautifully cool, little humidity so I figured what the heck give it a go. You have to take advantage of weather like this because the heat and humidity has been horrible this summer. I can't imagine doing this run under any other circumstance. I can't say any part of this run was easy because my mind was always drifting to 'i don't know if I could do this" and i had to shut those negative thoughts up constantly. Once I reached the 25min mark I just wanted to see how much i had left in me and set a new target to hit. I wanted to return to where I started the run. I reached that goal and it took me 30:52. Yes that's wicked slow. I figured it was around a 15min mile.. I covered two miles. lol I'm not happy with the time but I can't help but be proud of finishing this run. I could barely run a minute when i started so this is pretty big. One thing I kept thinking the whole time was.. I wonder how much easier this would be on me if I were lighter? I am moving a 225 lb body and it's a struggle. I really have to get a handle on my diet if I'm going to continue running because it's punishing on the body even without the added weight. I was disappointed to see that I only burned 242cal today after all that effort. Made me think other than the benefit of cardio exercise is all this effort worth so little calorie burn. I could just forgo a few food items in my daily diet and hit that number without the punishment on my body. It was a bit discouraging. I believe i have hit higher calorie burns when I was doing intervals. Kinda confused as to what i should do going forward. Good luck to all those who are approaching run 3..if i can do it..surely you can too! xo


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  • Brilliant news, well done for sticking with it and for getting this run under your belt! Think of me doing same 8am tomorrow.

    I knew you could do it...., week 7 here you come πŸ˜€

  • Well done for completing it πŸ˜€. On my to do list for tomorrow, you've spurred me on πŸ‘ Now you're up to W7, wow! Go you πŸƒπŸƒπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ

  • First of all, very well done for completing the run.

    If you look back through the posts you will see lots of people complaining that they don't lose weight through running. And it's true - certainly over these distances.

    But it brings so many cardio vascular benefits. Tightens up your muscles and apparently is great for reducing that dangerous visceral fat that lies around your organs.

    It will work very well alongside a reduced food intake, so why not do both? You only get one body - might as well look after it as well as you can!

  • Well done - brilliant - onwards to Week 7. I too am slow - slower than you I think :-) and carrying a lot of weight and I think that the running is having an effect without me concentrating on it, of watching what I eat. Other more experienced people will advise on the interval stuff but I think interval training is better for weight loss and some mix walking, running and sprinting......what do I know πŸ˜‚...maybe we'll both get an answer now...anyway well done πŸ˜€

  • Well done. I am two runs behind you and chomping at the bit to catch up. I also havent lost any weight since running - in fact I have actually put on a kilo. I have no problem with that as I am in the ideal weight bracket for my height (not that my height is very high hence my user name) I am running to strengthen my bones as I have osteoporosis and also to improve my level of fitness and also just to say I can do it. Dont worry about what the scales say as to begin with you are probably toning up those muscles so ignore the scales and just worry about how you are feeling

  • You are on this great adventure - celebrate each element - you are making it happen - hurrah you ✨✨✨✨

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