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Feel like I am going backwards.!!

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Graduated about a month or so ago, but feel I am going back instead of forwards. Feel so slow, getting out of breath, having to stop and walk where as before I could do 35 minute runs

Ok today so I did 5.44 km but had to stop and walk 3 times during the run, can't do any small hills anymore and I don't know how to progress and its getting me down.

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I would guess that maybe consciously or unconsciously you are trying to go a bit faster than you were now you have graduated? A bit of that old 'just past your test' confidence thing going on?

Do you have any kind of a GPS device you can use to keep an eye on your pace?

Slow it down a bit I would say.

Don't worry too much about it, something has changed its just a matter of figuring out what and dealing with it. Don't lose heart it is still in there somewhere longing to get out again.

I think Greg has probably hit the nail on the head. I think the new podcasts should help peeps pace themselves post graduation. But the point is that you are out there running and that is a big win. Just remember those one minute runs ...

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I thought that as I graduated I would just keep increasing distance and speed as I had done for the previous 9 weeks. It hasn't happened like that for me, and I am just trying to do one 5k per week (very slowly) and anything from 30 -35 mins on my other days. I run every other day so Iam hoping to increase my stamina by plugging away at it! Good luck :)

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Try a variety of running for a few weeks, really mix it up.

1.The old scouts running was always good, run as fast as you can from one point to the next (lamp posts are good to use) then walk or slow jog to the next point. Do that for 30 minutes with your warm up and cool down 5 minutes.

2. A short fast run say 3.-3.5Km just as fast as you can keep going. You can then try and improve on the time not necessarily the distance.

3. A slow steady 5Km jog plus warm up and cool down walk.

I think with the interval training you will be happy to do a steady jog and if you don't manage the 5K first time just try and extend it gradually. I think many of us hit this brick wall at some time or another, that we just assume we will be better after graduation but its not always as clear cut as that. Relax into your runs and always start with a brisk warm up walk. Build your speed up gradually too, don't try speed until you are into a good steady run.

Good luck, keep us posted on your progress cos I'm sure thats what it will be from now on.

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Will plod on as they say. I am running 3 times a week, but just feel I want to do better. Thanks for your support- all. So maybe am a bit ambitious, but thought by now I would be increasing up to 6 or 7 km by now.

Good thing is where I am runing now is lovely and green compared to central London. But being in Scotland you definetly get more rain !!

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4 weeks on is still early days so don't be too hard on yourself. Also decide is your target increasing distance or increasing speed?

There are a lot of great plans that can be recommend by others to increase your distance, the main thing to remember is picking one of your three runs and adding 10% in distance or time to it a week. I chose this one but their are many others runnersworld.co.uk/beginner...

I struggled for a very long time to increase my speed, only a year on figure out what works for me.... couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

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I feel exactly the same! Feel like I struggled to run for 10 minutes yesterday - tried to do the interval thing and have no idea how people manage to run as fast as they can for the 60 seconds then jog for the rest! I have to walk but hoping that's still getting up my speed

Keep telling myself that it's better that I'm out running regardless of how much I actually run/how fast I go :)

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PatButcherGraduate in reply to lm51

You're right, it's better than doing nothing, well done :)

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OK firstly 5.44 k is fabulous regardless of whether you walked bits or not, secondly, the heat is going to take it's toll and it's been humid lately, You aren't alone, crikey ~I can't seem to run anywhere near the 5k anymore and feel like ~I'm failing but do you know what? We are getting up off that couch and trying and that's brilliant. Perhaps you are pushing yourself too much, take an extra rest day, or just walk instead of running, it's OK :) You have been so inspiring and I think you have done so brilliantly, You're definitely doing way more than me! xxx

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Well gave myself a good talking too before my run today. Managed 6.12km in 44mins with all steep hills being walked up....there were a few. So feel a bit more positive, and decide its ok not to be super speedy at my age. So thanks all of you for the support.

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