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Which C25K app do you use?

Hi, which C25K app are you guys using? I graduated about a year ago, using the Guy Hoffman App. My husband is now tentatively suggesting that he, one day, might, just... consider doing C25K. So I thought I'd push things along a bit by downloading the app for him.

Is it the NHS choices app that has Laura? And does it have an issue with crashing?

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Hi, most of us use the NHS app. There are two versions: one with music and one without. I got a bit fed up with the music, so opted for the one without so I could play my own playlist. The problems (for me) seemed to start when my phone was trying to run the Runkeeper or Endomondo app, with the C25K app, and music at the same time. So in my case, I think it was a phone overload problem. When you get to weeks 7,8,and 9, there are no walking intervals, so I just used Runkeeper (which accesses your phone playlist) and set the exercise for the required number of minutes after I had completed the warm up. Hope that helps and good luck :)


Hiya, yep, I used the NHS earlier version of C25K podcasts (a year ago too) which could be downloaded to PC then to phone or MP3 player. Had no probs at all on my old MP3 player though I got bored with the music and made my own playlists for W7 onwards. Think it's the later apps which have crashed and probably more on busy, app-crowded phones than on simple players.

While you're hunting have you ever come across the next stage podcasts for bridging the gaps between 5k and 10k? The 3 available currently are for speed, stamina, etc and don't really help one grow one's distance in easy stages as Laura once did. Apparently there was a similar set of podcasts some years ago but I can't find them :(


Thanks aussiectg - I just messaged you on one of your own posts LOL! Have no luck with this connection - it fizzles out and goes nowhere :(


Varying success with the apps - I used the podcasts with music (available as MP3 or as a download from the Apple store actually)...


I downloaded the podcasts with the music and Laura from the NHS website and they were excellent. It doesn't matter whether you like the music or not - it's important to have the beat to run in time to and you can listen to your own choice of music at any other time!


NHS C25K podcasts. I have since added in using Runkeeper and there's no problem for me with crashing (not using two apps at the same time I guess)

There are many merits with using the NHS podcasts - the shared experience with folk here, and the music is all part of the experience. The thing with running is that whilst I don't see the point if you hate every minute, if you can't hack a bit of something you find a bit naff in pursuit of the bigger picture, what else are you going to let put you off? The message of the podcasts is that you just put them on and *go*, there's nothing to fuss around with.


I use (and swear by) PODRUNNER Intervals - First Day to 5K podcasts. It's techno type music with "tone/chime" to let you know when to switch from walking to running. I personally need the steady beat to keep me on pace when walking and running. I'm on probably my 4th attempt at the program. Always sidelined due to some serious ache or pain then never getting my groove back. But this time I am determined to complete the program successfully. I've made it through Week 6 (for the first time) and will start Week 7 on Saturday!

I use Runkeeper as well, getting status updates every 2 minutes. And I also love my HipsSister hip pack to hold my phone & keys while running, as I hate the armbands.

Happy Running everybody!


Thanks everyone, for all your tips. All very helpful as usual!


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