Stronger with every step

It is a beautiful sunny Bank Holiday Monday. Not often you can say that. I went out for my run about an hour later than normal. And with no pressure to get to work I decided on a long slow run. And that is exactly what I achieved. I ran 7.7km at a very slow pace. I probably pushed the distance a little further than I should have but I still felt as if I had something left in the tank. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Happy runnings folks.

5 Replies

  • How true it is a nice day to get out I did run 2 of my self declared rehab and it was quite good so getting slowly

  • You are going about the rehab in the right way. Well done mon brave.

  • Well done . "A giant leap for mankind". Bet you feel over the moon. It can't be helped but sometimes things come on in leaps !

  • Sounds a lovely run - sometimes everything just falls into place!

  • That is incredible, you must be really chuffed. A long, slow run. It even sounds poetic! :)

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