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Longer Faster Stronger !! W1W3 - Encouragement

this mornings run chilly with a cold wind, sent the gremlins packing when they started up, and obediently off they went tails between their legs :-)

noticed my head was up and was looking into the distance as I ran. I had a more even pace for most of the running sections, breathing slightly easier.

today used the podcast as opposed to the app and found it a more pleasant experience, worryingly however I was having conversations with Laura !! perhaps I need to refer myself to another part of the NHS !! :-)

I also noticed I covered more distance than when I started a week ago, not miles but a significant distance more than my first run on the principle of progress not perfection I am chuffed with that :-)

I am pleased with the first week and look forward to the second :-)

for anyone thinking about starting W1R1 I recommend you go for it I have only done one week and am feeling a positive mental and physical effect already and I am sleeping like a baby at night !! to boot :-)


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Well done Nick..

Looking forward to your graduation in a few weeks time :)


thank you that makes two of us lol :-) in meantime keeping it in the day :-)


Brilliant start ! Getting out there in the morning chill too... lovely!

I think quite a few of us talk/talked to Laura.. she is your friend...that's okay!

Sounds like your running style is pretty good too., forget about distance, slow, steady and follow the programme.. it will all fall into place :)

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Oldfloss thank you, I cant tell you enough how much encouragement form graduates helps spur me on

thank you


Well done!

Sometimes we focus on the very last run and we forget how far we've come since we begun but you're absolutely right; you are faster and stronger and able to run for longer... and that was only week 1.

Imagine how much stronger and fitter you will be at the end of the programme! ;)


:-) thank you :-) I shall be running like a highly tuned gazelle !!! ( well in my mind at least lol )

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Have just done week one run two. It was ok though my legs felt heavier than last time! I also found myself talking to Laura !!

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