Need a new route to avoid Dog Poo Path

Well, I ticked off week 7 this morning which feels great, but I don't feel as great as I'd hoped. I fact, I haven't felt really enthusiastic about any of this week's runs. I think the problem I've been having is that I really like the first bit of the route but don't like the last bit.

Now I'm going further, I'm finishing the runs on part of the path/cycle-way that I don't normally go down, and for good reason. There's dog poo everywhere. I've stood in it three times out of the last five runs. This morning was the last straw, I'm looking for a new route.

It's a bit spooky that Laura suggested finding somewhere new at the start of this week though, maybe she is a sentient being after all and not just an MP3 file...


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7 Replies

  • That Laura does have uncanny timing ! We have a similar section of path here - I often walk my dogs there and I've lost count of the times I've tried in someone else's dogs poo whilst picking up my own. 😬 Someone suggested to me there should be a penalty for not having poo bags with you if you are out with a dog. Theory being that if you don't have bags you have no intention of cleaning up. Would work for me and I'm a real dog lover 😀

  • I have a feeling there are bylaws in some places that say you must be able to produce a poo bag if challenged by a council officer whilst out with a dog. I often find myself picking up someone else's dog poo as well as my own dog's.

  • I don't think the warm weather helps, believe it's been affecting my runs. And as for dog poo! It makes me fume!😬 Some irresponsible owners!

  • Btw, well done! Graduation not far away!😊

  • Well done for completing week 7 - easy steps up from here on!

    As for Laura, she knows and sees everything!

  • Well done for completing W7 :-) Dog poo is a menace - I've been quite lucky. Still reason enough to search out somewhere new to run.

  • Eww that is not good. I do see a lot of owners outvwith bags picking it up but I can imagine it is tempting not to bother when you're somewhere out of sight. I always find it revolting too. People leave it here in city streets as well, just so unhygienic and vomit enducing. Hope you find acnicer poo-free place to run.

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