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The dog poo dodge

This is my first blog here, but as I have been enjoying reading yours, I thought it only fair to share. Last night I ran W7 R2.

Before starting the plan I had not ran since about age 12... 22 years ago, but horse ride regularly so thought the running could help my riding fitness too.

I've really enjoyed the plan... its rarely seemed 'hard' although wierdly I have had 2 runs (last weekend and the weekend before) where I seem to really struggle... not sure why that is, I was starting to think it might be running in the daylight, as most of my running is after work with a head torch, so I left work early yesterday and headed out for a daylight (4.30pm) run. This was my first run off road, and I really enjoyed it! The time seemed to go much faster when I was dodging puddles and dog poo, and that took my mind off my aches!

I've really got the bug and brought some magazines etc too. Loving the feeling when you finish! My aim is to complete, and then to push to actually achieve the 5km in the 30 minutes as I think I am a bit slow atm. Then... maybe 10 km one day?? -

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Yes... I'm stuck in the gym on a treadmill in snowy Switzerland atm... not quite the same as my lovely woods where you get to jump round puddles, snails, dead branches, slugs, leaves, stones, dead mice, conkers, muddy bits, wee streams... not dog poo, this is Switzerland for goodness sake, there's a dog poo bin with bags attached on every corner and we all dutifully use them...

... but I'm feeling very nostalgic now and can't wait for spring to get back out there...

... and welcome to the forum! :-D


Loved reading this blog, Lynds! My 'running bug' has sadly worn off a bit although I'm putting that down to the weather and not sticking to my normal healthy diet (too many refined flour and sugar snacks!). So reading your positive message has helped to rekindle my enthusiasm regards getting my time down to 30 mins for 5k and/or increasing my distance a bit! Thank you. :)


Welcome to the forums Lynds you'll never be alone again. Once you've finished the program there will be plenty of time to work on gaining speed and distance. Just now though concentrate on the running for 30 minutes, avoiding hopefully the dog poo. It never ceases to amaze me that even though we have plenty of poo bins up here in NE Scotland there is still plenty to be found to tread in, ugh!!

Good luck and why not have a look to see if there is a ParkRun venue near to you, you could join it and run 5K every Saturday morning (Free), that will really encourage and improve your times.


Yes i have looked but there no park runs that close to me, also because i complete on my horse too, I actually have found it quite hard to identify a free saturday morning to do a park run in the next 6 weeks!

Where abouts in NE Scotland are you? My mum lives in Bonar Bridge (about as north and east as you can get) Its very lovely - but bloody cold!! I dont envy you runninig outside in the winter! :0)


Welcome Lynds - good to know there are others out there nearing the end of c25k. I had to do the dog poo hop today too! yuk. :)


Lucky you too! :-)


Don't get me started on dog poo. I should tell you that I am a cat person and I don't have a dog because I wouldn't like picking up their poo. Those people however who do choose to have a dog/dogs should pick up their poo. Those irresponsible, inconsiderate members of the public who can't be bothered or don't care should not be allowed to have a dog.

When I did my run in the ice and snow in my Yaxtracs the other week I couldn't believe how much dog poo was around whether this was because it was more obvious in the snow or just owners don't think we notice in the snow????

Rant over


yes is gross... I have cat and horses... I have to clear up 2 wheelbarrows of horse poo every day from the field so you'd think people could manage to clear up acouple of doggie poos! this it was a distraction from the running!


Unfortunately the Forestry Commission in a couple of the woods I run in have rather endorsed not picking up - they have notices up with a little ditty asking you to find a stick and flick. The kind of people who don't pick up now are not going to engage in this new sport. I always run with my Muksak which is a fantastically well sealed box on a long lanyard and the used poo bags go in there, so I am not swinging smelly bags. I am very surprised that more people don't know about Muksaks and Dicky Bags or don't improvise their own.

(Cats poo too of course... one of mine who is elderly poos under the kitchen table every day... fortunately the dog eats it...)


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