Running with my Jack Russell

On Week 3 Day 2 and have just finished - I actually found after 2 repetitions I just wanted to keep going so actually ran 90 mins and then 3 mins 5 times rather than 2 - just felt good to be running again. Me and my Jack Russell enjoyed today's run a lot. Id it ok to do more or should I stick to the recommended amount? Going away for the weekend so have to do 3rd day tomorrow - I know I should have a rest day but will not fit it in this week otherwise. I might just do Day 3 next week if I don't feel like running tomorrow. Feeling good x


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8 Replies

  • Hi and Welcome to the board !

    I really hope you meant to say 90 seconds running not 90 minutes ! :-)

    I would stick to the programme , and not do more . Plus there is no hard and fast rule about completing 3 runs in a week , as long as you have at least one/two days rest minimum , you can carry it over to the next week , no problem .

    Good to hear you and your pooch enjoyed it , that's half of the battle . Good to have you here :-)

    Well done for today ! :-) xxx

  • Hi ha ha yes definitely 90 secs!!! I have run a lot in the past and so not a complete beginner and it seemed right to keep going today - the 2 repetitions just over too quickly. Not run much for about 4 years and put on some weight over the summer so thought taking it slow was the best idea to get back into it and the programme helps focus. I run along the Kennet and Avon Canal and when I have got back into running in the past have used the mile markers (distance between swing bridges) to help and stopped and started and found each time could run a bit more. I like the build up of the time intervals but just find 20 mins not quite enough. Tarkey (Jack Russell) enjoys running as long as there is some walking and sniffing time involved as well.

    Will probably do Day 3 next week although now as I am a teacher will be harder to fit in as back to school in a week!

    Always enjoy running when I can get myself back into it and find it really helps mentally and physically - getting harder to get back into it as getting older though at 51 it is more of a struggle to get going than when I was in my mid 40s (which was last time I ran a lot)

  • Ah this programme will get you back into it , its perfect for easing yourself gently back in if youre a lapsed runner and also for beginners too .

    Oh the school holidays have gone so quick haven't they ? Good Luck for the forthcoming term and keep posting so we can support you xxx

  • I would definitely agree is best to stick with the programme, but well done so far. There are a lot of us fifties ladies here and the prog is beneficial on lots of levels, including those menapausal niggles I have found. Personally am hoping the new term will help get me back into more of a routine i.e. Come home Mon/Weds/Fri and do run straight away. Let's see.....Good luck with the running and the new school year. It always feels huge to get back in there after the summer break!

  • Thanks

    I know - have been doing this teaching lark for about 18 years but still get anxious meeting a new bunch of 8 year olds. Off to Dorset for this last weekend so will do day 3 next week!

    Menopausal niggles are definitely part of the motivation to get back out there and a bit fitter and keeping up with the Jack Russell!!!

  • Yes, am definitely finding it easier to keep up with mine (wire haired viszla). Another bonus!

  • We often make the mistake of believing that we can just as easily do now, as we used to do. Unfortunately age and inactivity do take a toll and personally I would recommend sticking with the programme to keep injury risk minimal.

  • Thanks - I am sure you are right but today just felt right to keep going. I am looking forward to the next one. There is no way I can run as easily as I could before - 3 mins is still a push at the moment so no illusions there!!! What I love about running though is seeing that improvement when you find the next time you can run what you could not have imagined whilst struggling to run 60 secs which I so was the first week! Feeling uplifted by getting back out there and maybe a bit impatient to do more!

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