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Newbie runner, sore shins 😭

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Hi, new to running and sore shins, nothing new about that, but does anyone have any other tips? I have read about ice, compression socks, foam rolling, backing off mileage etc. It's my own fault, went basically from just walking each morning to doing a 5k parkrun (didn't run the whole way though), had to keep stopping due to immense shin pain, got the C25K so will go back and start at the start !!!!! Lisa ✌

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Might be worth getting gait analysis for proper shoes? That's what sorted me out when I started... And follow the programme too as it's designed especially :)

lisadoble in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks Ju-ju. I have a few pairs of shoes for running, but haven't had a gait analysis to make sure they are right for me. Thanks for the tip, Lisa :)



In addition to the initial RICE treatment it may be useful when they feel less sore to add some specific shin stretches to your post-run routine. There are loads of videos available on treating shin splints on Youtube to guide you.

Best of luck!

lisadoble in reply to Jonesycat

Thanks Jonesycat, funny thing is they only really hurt badly when running, have to keep stopping when I get a burning ache in the tibialis anterior, and calves tighten too, hills don't help, but when I stop it subsides. Next day is just general muscle soreness, so maybe I have caught it early enough, and will definitely add some stretches. Thankyou again, and love your cat pic. Lisa :)

JonesycatGraduate in reply to lisadoble

That's my baby boy!

I think you're right, as you say below - probably done far too much too soon. Do as ju-ju- and Curlygurly2 say - gait analysis and proper rest - then follow the programme religiously, which will increase your distance very gradually and (hopefully!) a lot more comfortably.


Have you got proper running shoes? Ones that were recommended by a reputable shop? If not, JuJu is right, the right shoes make so much difference. I also had shin splints in week 2 and I have never known pain like it... Don't run again util it has gone. Good luck with the programme.

Thanks curlygurly2, I have bought specific running shoes, but no I haven't had any analysis to make sure they are right for me. It is excruciating pain and burning ache in the tibialis anterior which forces me to keep stopping, but it goes away after the run, and just feels like normal muscle soreness next day. I think I just ran too far without building up to it. I can do about 2km before they tighten up, but will have to cut back on the 5k parkruns and maybe only do one lap until I get more conditioned. Thansk for the reply. Lisa :)

Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to lisadoble

My advice would be to stop completely until it has completely gone. I have read many many tales here of people who continued to run, because they had a race scheduled or whatever - some have never been able to run again...I don't want to sound doom laden, but please, please take it seriously. It's no fun being unable to run for a few weeks, my path has been the same as JuJu, we both had Achilles tendonitis recently, both stopped running for 6 -8 weeks, and lived to run another day...

U r completely right of course. Sucks, but I know I am not alone, I guess all runners have been thru pain of some sort. It is hard to stop isn't it, but worth it in the end. Thanks again, I appreciate it :)


Too much fast running before your legs are ready. It takes a while to build running legs and slow running is the way to get there

C25k is a fab programme and will get you safely to 5k (ish) in 9 weeks. Go steady though. Follow the instructions, stick to the timings and you'll do it safely.

What you describe sounds like shin splint, which is terrible! If you are still in pain I would hold off a bit and have a rest. Ice is excellent, and icing as much as possible really helps relieve the inflammation. I wouldn't go mad with a foam roller if you don't know what you're doing as you could make it worse. If you are in that much pain you might need to see your GP who will refer you to a physio.

Take care!

lisadoble in reply to misswobble

Thanks Miss Wobble, good advice, unfortunately it is my nature to jump in and do it, but as you say you can't skip the preparation and better to build up slow. I appreciate the tips. Thankyou, Lisa :)


Don't do Parkruns yet! If your new to running then start on c25k before anything else. Start off on c25k ONLY! running just above walking speed, you may feel oh this is too slow, but you have to build slowly, stick to it rigidly! See how your legs feel after doing the first couple of runs of w1, but I'd go with what JJ say's about shoe's as well, and get some with good cushioning, make sure the soreness goes away first then try again, but only as I said and only c25k times & distance. Good luck!😊

lisadoble in reply to davelinks

Thankyou davelinks. I will ditch the parkrun. No good trying to do it when I am just not ready. I will do the c25k and revisit the parkrun later (maybe). I did everything backwards !!! Thanks for all this good advice. I am totally new to running but I must say that the running community is very helpful. It's nice to have people wanting to help and take the time to give advice. Very much appreciated. Lisa :)

davelinksGraduate in reply to lisadoble

Just forget about Parkrun for now, I didn't attempt that until w6 of c25k, and then I couldn't run all of it, but had no severe leg pains like you've experienced, so you need to build it SLOWLY.. C25K is excellent, but needs to be stuck to fairly rigidly..😊

lisadoble in reply to davelinks

Thankyou, I started C25K yesterday woohoo. Looking fwd to it :)


I had problems with my shins hurting like mad when running in the first couple of weeks - rest does seem to be the answer. Try just a few days off. I went on holiday so had 5 days off running and it all settled down & (touch wood!) have had no problems since. Good luck :-)

Thanks RunningGeek, it seems to be common. I guess the lower leg muscles are taking a fair bit and those muscles are not very big, I can run pain free for about 2k and then they are fatigued and painful. Will take it slow, have finally started C25K yesterday. Did u walk on the non run days?

RunningGeekGraduate in reply to lisadoble

Yes, I did. We did the Light to Dark Way in the Peak District (27 miles!!) Well done for starting, that's the hardest bit. This forum is great for advice and support and remember go slow & then slower still if you are struggling. Happy running :-)

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