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Still got sore shins!

Hi there! I am up to week 4, run 2, and am still suffering from sore shins. It has taken me about 3months to get here as I am going slow. I have had my gait looked at and have bought 2nd pair of trainers, is there anything else I can do, as I don't want to give up. I do have really big calf muscles, is this something to do with it.? Thanks for your help. They aren't as bad with the new trainers, but still sore. My ankles go in a lot when i run.

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Don't give up - everyone gets some aches and pains, so as long as it's uncomfortable not agony keep going. I repeated some weeks 2 or even 3 times from about week 5 onwards to build up strength.

If you can - try running on grass in a local park - it feels a bit harder but it is meant to be better and I think it's made a difference.

Go really slowly - plenty of time to speed up later.

Try looking up some exercises for runners to make your legs stronger


I know how you feel shin splints were a big problem for me for what felt like the longest time, they went away on their own when I concentrated on how my feet were landing when I ran, I tried Laura's land on the heel and that so didn't work , I got some trainer socks that have extra padding between your toes and heel and this is where I am landing -then heel down and it has helped no end, tarmac and concrete are just not good running surfaces, but then soft ground isn't either which leaves hard mud (usually covered in sharp stones) so you just have to manage the best you can good luck and happy running, you are doing well keep it up :-)


There is a better article on technique here - it suggests "Aim for a mid-foot strike" nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

Its a pity the NHS site cannot just give one piece of advice or suggest alternatives.

I personally agree with Mitchell Phillips and he makes his living as a specialist in this field.

Not to say one will work better than the other - but don't blindly follow advice without knowing there are alternative opinions.

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Hi there, do you stretch after your run? On top of the excercies from the nhs, I am using a foam roller and so far I am good. I have a bad knee and not very good legs so I was anxious about doing the runs. The stretches and the foam roller seem to be working for me. I hope it'll help you too.


I think it is very important to stretch after your run. I stretch out all my leg muscles after each run and now don't have any problems.

It is a bit strange that you say your ankles go in when you run, this is not right and you could get injured. Go back to the shop that did your analysis and get your shoes checked again. I wonder if your local sports shop use computers to calculate your gait, I personally would not rely on a shop assistants eye. Good luck and persevere until you are happy and comfortable.


Thanks so much for all the replies. Really appreciated. Can I ask, what do you do with the rollers? Thank you!


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