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Sore shins!! Advice please 😩


Hi All.

I have been following the C25k each week, and save for the week I only managed 2 runs because of time I’ve been OK.

I’ve never been a runner so this is a new experience, and has helped me lose 2 stone so I am now what I consider a healthy weight. I have always been a good walker and can walk 10/15 miles in a day no problems, BUT.......

I have managed the runs fine to now, but the longer runs (week 7 - 25 mins) I have developed the dreaded sore shins. I am completing just under 3 miles in the 25 mins so I’m happy with my speed, but do I need to reduce to 2 runs a week to help my shins recover? Otherwise I’m feeling OK.......

Not being a runner ever in my life advice would be much appreciated!!


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Shin splints! I hate them.

I found it was my footwear. I used to get the pain when I’d try and put my foot down walking. I’ve tended to be alright in the gym.

I’m no podiatrist but maybe shoe inserts?

Thanks Will - I have changed my trainers (post soreness) - my others were Nike, very light and little support, the soles wore down and the nice man in the shop said I was “heavy footed” and probably needed a better cushioned sole. I’ve got those but still sore wearing them today. Maybe I need to leave off the running till Mon/Tues and see if the new runners help after a short break

Hmm maybe. To be fair to you I’m by far an expert but I found the pain went after I changed my shoes. I did give myself a rest though too. Maybe some stretches thrown in there or if you’re able change it up with some cycling or swimming etc to give your body something else to worry about lol

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I feel for you Widnes! I had shin splints even when I was just walking! Before I started this program I was trying to walk 7-8,000 steps a day, as soon as I started trying to walk faster than usual the pain came. I can’t really give you advice, but I can say that I just persevered and within about 4 weeks they stopped. I presume my muscles just took a while to cope with the extra effort. It will subside. It just takes time. Obviously, better, more suitable shoes will certainly help your running 🏃‍♀️, which in turn may well help your pain. Some people say compression socks can help. Loads of info on web about this problem....but will get better.....keep’re doing great !! 👍🏻

I had same problem had to persevere and run through it. Does get better i was advised (by seasoned Marathon runner) to take Glucosamine Sulphate (available on line) and it helps. As I say completed course last week and no issues with knees now.


I'm in the camp of "shin splits are caused by over-striding". Wait until your legs feel better (1 week??) and then go for a gentle run. Don't try and go too fast, and make every effort to take shorter strides. That's hard to keep up, and so take out your headphones and listen to your running. Try and land your feet as quietly as you can, place them gently on the ground. Quite naturally, you'll be taking shorter steps, and this is going to help avoid shin splits. If you want to run faster, then maintain the short strides, but increase your running cadence (steps per minute). Bit early in your running career to get a target running cadence, but 180 steps per minute is something to aim for.

I'm like a stuck record on this, but the runner/shop assistant who did my first gait analysis told me to run like an assassin, quietly running up behind a victim. Quiet running = gentle foot placement = short stride = no shin splits.

Now this I can try. Run like an assassin I love it!!

In all seriousness I will definitely try and give this a go. I was going to wait until Tuesday to run so I will wait until Wed instead.

Following on from my 3 mile run this morning I have just walked 13 miles with no ill effects and no shin soreness so it is definitely to do with the running, and most probably my technique

I had this on week 6 onwards and was advised to try compression socks.they are great.not good for a sun tan but I took the runs slower as well.Good luck

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